Introducing the TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder

  • Ideal for Housing Associations who need to measure noise nuisance
  • Quick and simple to deploy - save time on each case
  • Gathers quality evidence to ascertain what is really going on
  • Makes it easy to download, analyse and report findings
  • Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK

Made to support Housing Officers resolve noise nuisance complaints

Please note: we do not sell or hire the Trojan noise nuisance recorder to domestic customers. If you are an individual who is experiencing nuisance noise, you should contact your local authority or housing association. If you don't know who your local authority is, you can visit the UK Government website to find out. You can also find out more information about reporting a noise nuisance complaint here.

A Simple and Effective Solution TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder

The TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder enables Housing Officers to easily measure and record noise nuisance to gather the vital evidence that they require.

Quick and simple to deploy, the TrojanLITE will capture loudness and frequency level data, as well as record high quality audio of the alleged noise nuisance.

Why Choose the TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder?

  • Capture data on the level and frequency of noise complaints
  • Record audio to ascertain what is really going on
  • No acoustic understanding required to set-up and deploy
  • Easy to download and analyse data to generate reports as evidence
  • Help you determine actionable noise complaints
  • Training and support available directly from the manufacturer to help you

Analysing Your Noise Nuisance Measurements

Once you collected the TrojanLITE, you can access the data by downloading into our NoiseTools Software. This is included with the TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder as part of the overall system.

You can now view your measurements, listen to audio recordings and create quick and simple reports.

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Trusted by Housing Officers throughout the UK

"The Trojan is simple to use and has the functionality that is necessary for noise nuisance to be accurately measured."

Muhammad Islam / Senior Environmental Health Officer, London Borough of Newham

"Having a Trojan is like having another officer on the team. It does everything we want at the end of the day."

Nick Tindall / Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer,
Hull City Council

"The Trojan is particularly invaluable when the noise nuisance is sporadic. It gives us a very clear picture of what is going on.."

Jill Edmondson / Communities Environmental Health Department, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

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