Control your Optimus+ from your smartphone

dBActive - the power of the Optimus+, through your smartphone

dBActive is a mobile application built to work with both Android and iOS devices. Working through a Bluetooth® connection, dBActive allows you to control your Optimus+ sound level meter through your smartphone, meaning that sound measurements can be taken remotely, from up to 10 meters away from the instrument. This makes the Optimus+ the ideal piece of equipment for capturing noise data in hard-to-access or potentially dangerous environments; simply fix your instrument to a tripod, connect it to your smartphone, and start measuring.

What can you do through dBActive?*

  • View live measurement data for a range of parameters, including octave band filters
  • Start recording audio measurements
  • Stop/pause audio measurements
  • Review previous measurement data on the connected instrument
  • Configure some of your instrument's settings
  • Share measurement data directly from your smartphone by email, text message or social media
*Please note, some features are unavailable on certain Optimus+ variants