Control your doseBadge5 from your smartphone

dBLink - workplace noise monitoring that isn't hard work

dBLink is a mobile application built to work with both Android and iOS devices. Working through a Bluetooth® connection, dBLink allows you to control your doseBadge5 through your smartphone, meaning that you can view live measurement data without the need to disturb the person wearing it. You can also view previous measurement data, view mid-shift readings and change your instrument's settings, all without having to use a PC or touch the dosimeter. This makes the doseBadge5 the ideal piece of equipment for capturing occupational noise data.

What can you do through dBLink?

  • View live measurement data for a range of parameters, including octave band filters*
  • Start recording audio measurements
  • Stop/pause audio measurements
  • Review previous measurement data on the connected instrument
  • Configure some of your instrument's settings
  • Share measurement data directly from your smartphone by email, text message or social media
  • View mid-shift data readings
  • Set up scheduled measurement timers
  • Quickly view data from different doseBadges within range of your smartphone
*Octave bands currently only available on Android version of the app