Quantum is a network of plug-and-play noise monitors, connected through a cloud interface, that has been specifically designed as a permanent/long-term solution for the measurement of noise levels in a variety of indoor environments, including theatres and cinemas, factories, workshops, offices and bars.

Thinking Outside The Box

Quantum is more than just a black box; it's a whole noise monitoring solution that will revolutionise the way you measure sound levels and protect people from the risks associated with excessive noise exposure. With Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity, all you have to do is plug your monitors into a compatible PoE-enabled network, set up your Cirrus Cloud account, and you're ready to start monitoring!

With all the data you need for occupational noise measurements pushed from your monitors directly to the cloud, you can have instant access to all your noise data whenever you need it, wherever you are in the world. And because your Quantum units will always be monitoring, you'll never miss a single piece of data; your time will be freed up, so you can spend it doing other important things.

The simple plug-and-play feature of Quantum noise monitors, means that new units can be added to your network whenever you need them.

Taking Sound to the Cloud

Whether you're an existing Cirrus customer or not, you'll be set up with your Cirrus Cloud account when you receive your noise monitors, with basic access available at no charge from day one. Our easy-to-understand and affordable subscription plans will grant you more features and greater online storage, allowing you to expand the capability of your noise monitoring operation as and when you need to. Our subscription plans give you the freedom to only pay for what you need.

Nothing's Changed but Everything's Different

Quantum will revolutionise the way you monitor workplace noise, making it far easier than ever before. But with such a change comes all the familiarity you'd expect from a Cirrus sound solution. Key features of Quantum include real-time notifications when preset conditions are met, the ability to store, view and analyse historical data, and the ability to calculate someone's noise dose, all through our simple-to-use Cloud interface*.

As with every piece of Cirrus equipment, your Quantum units will be covered by our industry-leading 15-year warranty, meaning your investment will be fully protected.

*some features are only available with a paid cloud subscription

  • Minimal user setup required: Power Over Ethernet (PoE) means you can simply plug in, log in and start measuring
  • Web-based interface means you don't have to install any software
  • Cloud connectivity means you can access your data whenever you need to, no matter where you are
  • Live noise data including LAeq and LCPeak
  • Upload a floor plan of your work environment to the cloud to get a visual understanding of the noise levels
  • Low-cost cloud subscription plans make it incredibly easy to expand the functionality of your monitors
  • Theatres
  • Cinemas
  • Music venues
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Offices & call centres
  • Bars, pubs & nightclubs

Applicable Standards

IEC 61672-1:2013 (Class 1 - CR:900-1)

Measurement Range

20 to 140dB in a single range

Noise Floor


Frequency Weightings

Simultaneous A, C and Z

Time Weightings

Simultaneous Fast, Slow and Impulse

Time History Data Rates

10ms, 100ms, ½ sec, 1 sec

Stored Values

LXYMax, LXeq, LXPeak

Time History of LXYMax, LXeq, LXPeak

X = A, C, Z. Y = F, S, I.



127 x 360 x 66mm




DIN rail - standard 35mm top hat

CM:900-1 option to mount to pole/pipe


RJ-45 Ethernet


PoE IEEE 802.3af-2003 48v

Power Consumption

Approx. 5w

Feature Basic Standard Pro
£0 GBP £5 GBP/inst/mo £8 GBP/inst/mo
Data viewing
Live data
Basic data
Map view
Plan view
Data analysis
Dose calculation
(moving average)
Dose calculation
(employee based)
Event comparison
(e.g. various measurements/time selections)
Automation and monitoring
Automatic data upload to the cloud
Automatic updates
Notifications (email, push) 500/inst/mo 1000/inst/mo
Notifications (SMS text) 0
Download data to own PC
Data storage on Cloud N/A 1GB/inst

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