Covid-19 Products & Covid-Secure Solutions

Cirrus Research provide a range of Covid-19 products and Covid-secure solutions to help ensure your workplace is as safe as possible during these challenging times

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses and organsations across the world to adopt new practices and change the way they operate. For 50 years, our mission at Cirrus Research has been to protect people's health and wellbeing in the workplace, which is why we can offer a range of Covid-19 products and Covid-secure solutions.

These Covid-19 products and Covid-secure solutions are here to help businesses and organisations that remain open during the lockdown, manage the risks presented for those staff unable to work from home.

Choose the right Covid-19 product or Covid-Secure solution for your needs

Our range of Covid-19 products and Covid-secure solutions meets different needs and can be applied differently, depending on the industry or sector you work in.

IR Sentinel Contactless Temperature Detection System

The IR Sentinel is a contactless temperature detection system that will help your business become Covid-secure. It also features facial recognition technology and can automatically grant/refuse people entry to buildings.

Handheld Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The JXB-178 is a handheld non-contact infrared forehead thermometer is a cost-effective Covid-19 product that can be used to quickly and safely conduct spot checks of people's temperatures in all types of workplaces.

Covid-Secure Noise-Activated Warning Alert Sign

As research has shown, the louder the environment the higher the risk of virus transmission, due to viral aerosols. The Covid-Secure noise-activated warning sign is a varation of our popular SoundSign that provides a visual alert when noise levels are too high.

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