Vehicle Noise Measurement

Vehicle Noise Measurements to ISO 5130

The noise from vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks is wide spread with many people being affected by these noise sources in their daily lives. All modern vehicles will be designed to meet strict safety and emissions standards as well as noise output levels.

All vehicles sold in the EU must comply with a range of noise directives to ensure that they meet these specified noise levels when they are sold and many countries enforce regular checks over the life of the vehicle.

Motor Sport noise is a often a source of enjoyment for those taking part and for spectators. The impact of motorsport activities on the surrounding environment is also of major concern to many people who live near to venues as well as to those operating the circuits, tracks and venues.

Vehicle Noise Measurements

ISO 5130:2007 is a measurement standard that describes the method for testing the noise from the exhaust of vehicles. This is a commonly used standard that is employed to ensure that car, trucks and any other types of road vehicles comply with their specified noise outputs levels.

ISO 5130:2007 requires three consecutive measurements to ensure repeatability. These measurements are taken at a specified engine speed, or RPM, and the maximum sound level produced during the test is taken. Once three valid measurements have been made, the highest is taken and used as the valid result.

The microphone can be placed at the specified measurement position, typically 45 degress and 0.5m from the exhaust of the vehicle under test.

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