MK:427 Noise Sensor

  • Self-contained noise sensor for integration with external data loggers & monitoring systems
  • Purpose designed for long term environmental noise monitoring
  • Designed for integration into existing environmental conditioning systems like SCADA or DCS Systems
  • Industry standard 4-20mA output
  • Automatic calibration with electrostatic actuation
  • Weatherproof and suitable for most outdoor applications with a range of mounting solutions and an IP65 rating
  • Designed & manufactured by Cirrus Research plc
MK:427 Noise Sensor with 4-20mA Output

MK:427 Noise Sensor with 4-20mA Current Loop Output

The MK:427 Noise Sensor is an outdoor noise measurement instrument that has been specifically designed for integration with other data logging and monitoring systems.

Unlike a conventional Sound Level Meter, the MK:427 Noise Sensor converts the noise level in decibels into an industry standard 4-20mA output which can be connected to standard DCS/SCADA based systems to add a noise measurement capability.

The analogue electronics are highly reliable and operate without any user intervention. No specialist acoustic knowledge is required – simply power-up the Noise Sensor and the measured noise level is continuously fed to the output.

The industry standard 4-20mA output allows very long cable lengths to be used without reducing the accuracy of noise levels, making the MK:427 Noise Sensor ideal for systems integration.

Key Features of the MK:427 Noise Sensor

Many industrial plants have a variety of process sensors strategically placed around their site so that safety, environmental impact and efficiency can be monitored and managed, in real time, from one or more control rooms.

The Cirrus Environmental Noise Sensor can be connected with unparalleled ease to such a system sending out continuous live data.

  • Robust, fully weather protected Class 1 outdoor microphone
  • Straight forward integration with Industry standard 4-20mA current loop systems
  • Eliminates the need for third party software
  • 30 to 100dB(A) standard range ideal for most applications (other options available)
  • Proven long term reliability in harsh outdoor environments
  • Verification through regular scheduling for remote calibration using integrated electrostatic actuation system
  • Outdoor Windshield and bird spikes to protect the microphone
  • Entire length of the MK:427 NoiseSensor is 1m
  • Simple mounting and installation for quick deployment
  • IP65 rating for long-term outdoor noise measurements

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The MK:427 Noise Sensor has proved to be a robust, reliable sensor over many years and has been used across a wide range of industries including power generation, construction, demolition, large scale manufacturing sites and public utilities.

One of our long standing customers has integrated the MK:427 Noise Sensor, alongside the Invictus Noise Monitor, into their environmental monitoring program during a large-scale demolition project in London.

Read more about how the MK:427 Noise Sensor and the Invictus Noise Monitor enabled the project to be monitored efficiently and effectively.

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