Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

Intrinsically Safe doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge Noise Dosimeter is available with Intrinsic Safety Certification and this is known as the CR:110AIS version. This version is identified by the gold coloured case.

The CR:110AIS version of the doseBadge Noise Dosimeter can be used in hazardous zones, for example in underground mines, petrochemical plants and other areas that require safe measurement equipment.

Explosive atmospheres can be caused by flammable gases, mists or vapours or by combustible dusts and the CR:110AIS doseBadge is ideal for use in these types of environments.

Features of the Intrinsically Safe doseBadge

  • UKEX, ATEX, EEx, IECEx, FM & SIMTARS Intrinsic Safety (CR:110AIS version)
  • MSHA Intrinsic Safety (CR:112AIS version)
  • All of the same benefits and features as the standard version
  • Ideal for use in Petrochemical, Mining and Confined Spaces
  • High level of protection with a rugged, robust design

The measurement functions and data provided by the CR:110AIS is the same as for the other versions of the doseBadge and this allows instruments to be used in a number of different applications.

Intrinsic Safety Certifications

Certification Body Group I Non-Mining Applications Group II Mining Applications
Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
(-20 ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +60 ºC)
Ex I M1 Ex ia I Ma
(-20 ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +60 ºC)
ATEX Baseefa04ATEX0330
Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
(-20 °º ≤ Ta ≤ +60 ºC)
Ex I M1 Ex ia I Ma
(-20 ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +60 ºC)
IECEx IECEx BAS 06.0084
Ex ia IIC T4 (-20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +60ºC)
IECEx BAS 06.0083X
Ex ia I (-20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +60ºC)
EEx EEx ia IIC T4 (-20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +60ºC) EEx ia I (-20ºC ≤ Ta <≤ +60ºC)
FM IS / I / 1 / ABCD / T4 Ta ≤ 60ºC; Type IP54
I / 0 / AEx ia / IIC / T4 Ta ≤ 60ºC; Type IP54
MSHA - CR:112AIS Only MSHA Intrinsic Safety Approval (No. 18-A060027-0)
Ex ia I -20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +60ºC

What is Intrinsic Safety Certification?

The Intrinsically Safe versions of the doseBadge have been independently tested and verified by a number of different test laboratories to ensure that it meets the requirements of the different Intrinsic Safety standards.

These tests ensure that under defined test conditions the doseBadge will not cause a spark or will not heat up and cause a flamable atmosphere to ignite. Within these standards there are many different levels of performance and it is essential that you have the correct level of performance for the environment in which your equipment will be used.

It is not sufficient to say that an instrument is Intrinsically Safe and assume that this is suitable for all applications and environments. Always check the level of performance before purchasing Instrinsically Safe equipment.

The CR:110AIS version of the doseBadge has a very high level of certification to UKEX, ATEX, EEx, IECEx and FM (US & Canada) as well as to SIMTARS and can be used in almost any hazardous zone or environment where there is risk of explosion.

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