Environmental Noise Monitors & Monitoring Systems

Cirrus Research plc has a range of Permanent and Portable Noise Monitors, Sound Level Meters and Noise Measurement systems that can be used for the measurement and monitoring of environmental noise.

Our noise monitoring equipment is used across a wide range of applications and location. Each of these systems has been designed to meet the exact needs of the user by combining noise monitors with a software and support package.

The noise measurement equipment can be connected to a range of software and via a range of communications options. Weather measurement can also be incorporated into the noise measurements.

If you have any questions or if you would like more advice in selecting an appropriate instrument for your application, please use our contact form and we will be pleased to help.

  • Construction Site Noise Management
  • Environmental Noise Impact Assessments
  • Airport Noise Monitoring
  • General Aircraft Noise
  • Power Stations
  • Traffic Noise
  • Motor Racing Circuits
  • Product Developement & Testing
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Firing Ranges
  • System Integration

Noise Monitors Instruments

Invictus Noise Monitors
Invictus Portable Noise Monitors

The Invictus is available as either a portable noise monitor that is ideal for short and medium-term measurements, or an installed system designed for long-term measurements. The advanced features of the Invictus are available on all versions, allowing any noise monitoring application to be covered.

Using the very latest technology, the Invictus is simple to set up and deploy whilst providing a full and comprehensive range of noise measurement parameters.

Permanently Installed Noise Monitors
Permanently Installed Noise Monitors

Where a permanent installation is needed or where there is a risk of tampering, damage or vandalism, the Invictus 'Noise Pole' is the ideal solution.

Provide the same high performance ,accuracy and comprehensive measurement capability as the portable version, the 'Noise Pole' uses a standard street lighting pole to give the maximum protection in harsh environments.

Instruments for System Integration

Galactus Integration Noise Monitors
Galactus Integration Noise Monitors

The CR:465 Galactus instruments are a range of high performance noise monitors that has been designed to integrate with external data loggers and environmental measurement systems to provide a comprehensive set of acoustic data.

Ideal for airport noise monitoring systems as well as for integration with environmental monitoring systems, the Galactus instruments can provide a wide range of noise parameters to Class 1 precision.

MK:427 Noise Sensor
MK:427 Noise Sensor

An integrated outdoor noise measurement microphone with a 4-20mA current loop for outdoor noise monitoring applications.

Ideal for long term installation in harsh environments, the MK:427 can be quickly and easily integrated into data logging systems where the measurement of noise levels are required.

ZE:908 Preamplifier Power Supply
ZE:908 Preamplifier Power Supply

A small and lightweight power supply and acoustic conditioning unit for microphone preamplifiers for indoor noise monitoring applications.

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