NoiseAid - Gather Evidence to Prioritise & Analyse Noise Nuisance Complaints

The Noise Event Logging Application for Noise Nuisance

NoiseAid - A simple way to log noise issues & prioritise the use of your noise measurement equipment

FREE for Cirrus Trojan Noise Nuisance Customers

With the increasing pressure on resources, using your noise nuisance measurement equipment effectively is an ever-present need.

To help you determine how and where to best use your equipment, as well as make it simple for your end-users to report and log noise events, we've created NoiseAid.

NoiseAid is a web-based application that gives you and your users a quick, simple way to gather information about the noise sources that they are concerned about. Users can instantly log noise disturbances via any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer using the simple interface, adding notes when the noise has ended.

Details of the noise sources logged by users are stored directly onto a secure website portal, ready for you to review, analyse and assess.

NoiseAid gives you a simple, powerful tool to help you get the best from your noise measurement equipment and is FREE for Cirrus Trojan customers.

How Does NoiseAid Work?

Once your account has been setup by Cirrus, you can start adding end-users to the system. Each end-user is allocated a unique, secure PIN that identifies them within the system.

Each user can be setup with the specific noise sources that they are looking to report. These are displayed clearly on the screen for them to select. The user can also choose to enter notes about the noise at the end of each log, all of which is stored alongside the noise event data.

All the user has to do is press start, choose the severity of the noise and press stop when the noise ends.

As information is logged by users, it will appear within your secure NoiseAid portal where the detailed information can be viewed.

Any number of users can be added to your account allowing different officers and team members to analyse information quickly and easily.

Reports for each user can be created as a PDF for storage in a case management system or exported as a simple CSV for archiving.

NoiseAid is a web-based application that allows it to be used on any device where a modern web browser is available, allowing users with limited mobility to use a desktop or laptop PC rather than a small phone or tablet.

All information is transferred using an encrypted SSL connection and no user identifiable data is stored on the user's device.

NoiseAid does not store or record audio - this can be achieved using a Cirrus Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder.

Key Features

For Local Authorities & Housing Associations

  • Prioritise where your noise nuisance measurement equipment can be used effectively
  • Give your users a new, digital noise log that they can use wherever they are
  • FREE for Cirrus Trojan customers with FREE updates and upgrades
  • No limits on the number of users that can be created
  • Add as many team members as you need to manage cases
  • View noise event logs and notes stored by users
  • Create reports to allow for easy follow up
  • Store PDF records or CSV files in case management systems

For End-Users

  • A simple way to log noise events with clear, straight-forward operation
  • Each new user gets a tour to show them how to log information into the system
  • Can be used on any device with a modern web browser so there's no need to install an app or software
  • No data is stored on the device for security and peace of mind
  • Easy to operate for users with limited mobility with large, clear buttons
  • Add extra notes after a noise has been logged for the case officer to review


All of the issues logged by your users are stored within the secure NoiseAid platform, allowing you to login from any web browser and view the information that they have created.

As a user logs noise events, these are added (along with any notes that they entered) to their account. You can quickly and easily see an overview of which noise sources were logged, the severity that the user has indicated and the number of times that noise source was logged.

You can access a detailed list of all the noise events logged by a user, which shows the start and end time of the event, as well as any notes that were added.

This information can be used to create a report as a PDF that can be downloaded, printed or stored into a case management system. In addition, the data can be exported as a CSV to be used in other programs or systems.

As well as details of the information recorded by individual users, an overall view of the noise events logged by all users across your organisation is also available, giving you the opportunity to identify any trends or common issues that can be investigated further.


NoiseAid is just one part of the Cirrus Noise Nuisance product range, all parts of which have been designed to work together to give you the most effective way to monitor and manage noise nuisance complaints.

Our noise nuisance range includes:

Our aim is to provide not only the equipment that you need to measure noise nuisance but a range of other tools that allow you to get the best from your investment, ensuring that dealing with noise nuisance complaints is as simple and straight-forward as possible.

Brief details of the Trojan2, the NoiseTools Software and the Noise Nuisance Training Courses are below but please contact us if you would like to find out more about any of these individual products and how Cirrus can provide you with a complete noise nuisance package.

The Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder

  • Specifically designed for Noise Nuisance Measurements
  • Quick, simple and easy to set up
  • Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK
  • High-quality audio recording
  • Lightweight and discreet
  • Secure and tamper-proof
  • Licence-free analysis software with free lifetime updates
  • Industry-leading 15-Year Warranty

The NoiseTools Software

  • Setup, download and analyse measurements
  • Playback and listen to recordings with calibrated levels
  • Simple to use with quick access to the most commonly used functions
  • Share recordings with other interested parties and colleagues
  • Licence free installation with no keys, dongles or restrictions
  • Free, lifetime updates

Training & Support

  • UK-Based Calibration and Training
  • Support direct from the manufacturer
  • 15-Year Warranty, including accidental damage
  • Direct access to a named technical support engineer
  • Noise Nuisance Training Courses and Workshops
  • On-site training, refresher courses or custom training options

Case Studies and Customer Testimonials - Reviews that Speak Volumes about our Noise Nuisance Products

"Having the Trojan as part of our team is like having another member of staff who doesn't mind working the evenings and weekends.

The Trojan takes away the uncertainty of the if/when you will capture the noise and simply saves us having to camp out for hours."

Ross Jarvis / Senior Technical Officer,
Reading Borough Council

"The Trojan is very user friendly and we have never had an issue with tenants not being able to understand how to operate the remote for activating the recordings.

It is ideal for giving us a fuller picture of what is going on in the home because sometimes it is picking up more than just the noise issues."

Aileen Fenlon / Anti-Social Environmental Health Officer, Wiltshire District Council

"Previous noise nuisance recorders have been very complex to use, making it difficult for members of the Noise and Nuisance team to configure.

The Trojan is simple to use and has the functionality that is necessary for noise nuisance to be accurately measured."

Muhammad Islam / Senior Environmental Health Officer, London Borough of Newham

"The Trojan is particularly invaluable when the noise nuisance is sporadic.

It gives us a very clear picture of what is going on and it's useful for catching out falsified recordings. We find our Trojan recorders are in constant use all year round."

Jill Edmondson / Communities Environmental Health Department, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

Product Information

Product Datasheets

Product Datasheets

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