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Latest Noise News

MSN Circuit Rally Championship – Round-up 5

On Saturday the 15th of February, Ashleigh Morris faced the circuit at Snetterton for Round 5 of the MSN Circuit Rally Championship.


Should Employees be Allowed to Listen to Music at Work?

The anti-headphone argument typically goes something like: “People these days and their headphones. They can’t possibly work listening to music, not to mention it’s bad for morale if workers are in their own little worlds?”


The Top 5 Noise At Work Mistakes

Noise in the workplace poses significant risks to people’s hearing. Without the right tools and equipment to understand the noise levels in your organisation, you could be leaving employees open to suffering from hearing loss. Here are five of the most common mistakes employers make when it comes to noise in the workplace.


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Noise and its Link to Mental Health

Today marks World Mental Health Awareness Day, and it’s one of the most important awareness events of the year. In the last few years, mental health awareness has dramatically improved, meaning that people who for too long have suffered in silence, are now getting the help and treatment they need.


Is your business ready for Brexit?

Watch our short video and learn where to get tips and advice in order to prepare your business for Brexit, whatever the outcome.


Cirrus Product Updates

Cirrus helps music festival keep the peace with local residents [Case Study]

Acoustic consultant Chris Selkirk recently used an Optimus Green sound level meter and an Invictus portable noise monitoring kit to measure and monitor the noise from a local music festival in Lancaster. Read about the successful outcome here.


A Dosimeter for the Future: a History of the doseBadge

In 1995, a team of young engineers at Cirrus Research set to work on revolutionising the design and functionality of noise dosimeters. Learn more about their work and journey, by reading our brief history of the doseBadge.

What is AuditStore and how dows it work?

[Tutorial] What is AuditStore and How Does it Work?

AuditStore is a technology that is unique to the Cirrus Optimus sound level meters (and variants such as the Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder) that helps you to verify that the noise measurement data the you present is trustworthy.