Working to prevent and eradicate noise-induced hearing loss and environmental noise pollution through
innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use noise measurement instruments

Since 1970, Cirrus Research plc has pioneered and innovated solutions that have made monitoring and measuring noise and vibration easier and more accessible than ever before. As one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of noise measurement instruments, Cirrus Research plc is the name you can trust to provide accurate, reliable and easy-to-use equipment that will stand up to scrutiny, and allow you to reduce the devastating effects of excessive noise and vibration exposure in the workplace and out in the environment.

Built to an exacting internal quality framework and internationally recognised standards, all Cirrus Research equipment can be trusted to provide the highest levels of accuracy while boasting an incredibly easy-to-use interface. Cirrus Research equipment is designed in-house by our team of acoustic experts and manufactured in the UK, so you can be sure of its technical excellence and reliability. Whether you're looking for a Class 2 decibel meter to conduct an occupational noise investigation or a Class 1 sound level meter for an environmental noise survey, you can be sure that Cirrus Research has an instrument to meet your needs and those of your organisation.

Noise Measurement Equipment & Vibration Monitoring

Noise & Vibration Measurement Instruments

We offer a range of incredibly easy-to-use noise measurement equipment and vibration monitoring instruments, to help others protect people and the environment against the risks associated with excessive noise and vibration.

Bespoke Noise Measurement Solutions & Noise Consultancy

Acoustic Consultancy & Analysis Services

Whether you need someone to help you decide what sort of noise measurement instruments your organisation requires or an expert to conduct a full noise survey on your behalf, we can tailor something exactly to your needs.

Noise Measurement Instrument Calibration & Verification

Factory Calibration & Verification

Ensuring your noise measurement instruments are compliant with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations is essential. We offer a comprehensive calibration service for both noise and vibration instruments from any manufacturer.

Noise Measurement Equipment Hire, Training, & Support

Training, Support & Advice

Get the most from your noise measurement instruments with one of our training courses. We also offer a noise measurement equipment rental service and comprehensive technical support, so you can have access to all the help, advice and guidance you need.

The Cirrus Research Advantage

Aside from benefitting from our accurate, reliable and incredibly easy-to-use noise measurement instruments, when you choose to partner with Cirrus Research for your noise and vibration measurement needs, you will be able to take full advantage of all the added value we provide, as standard:

  • Industry-leading worry-free 15-year warranty to safeguard your investment
  • Licence-free data analysis software, NoiseTools, to help you better understand noise and created detailed noise reports for your organisation
  • Reassurance with the knowledge that you're playing your part to protect the environment, as we design and build all our products with longevity and sustainability at their heart
  • UKAS-accredited instrument calibration laboratory, for your added peace of mind that your instruments are accurate, reliable and compliant
  • 50 years' technical expertise and excellence, so you can have confidence in us and our instruments
  • Unrivalled in-house technical support, so you always have acces to the help, advice and guidance you need
  • Expertly designed noise and vibration measurement instruments to help you protect people, the environment and your business
  • Flexible options for instrument purchase and rental, as well as custom-built solutions, because we understand that your needs are unique

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