VoiceTag™ Audio Note Recording

  • Record voice notes before a measurement
  • Just speak into the microphone on the sound level meter for high quality recordings
  • Make notes about the type of measurement, location, date & time, weather conditions and any useful information to refer to at a later date
  • Recordings are automatically downloaded to the NoiseTools software
  • Replay recordings directly in NoiseTools

VoiceTag™ Audio Note Recording with the Optimus Sound Level Meters

VoiceTag is a unique audio recording feature on the optimus sound level meters that lets you record notes, comments or any other useful information before each measurement.

How does it work?

When you press the Start button, you will see the VoiceTag screen.

If you want to record some information, press the Record button and you can store up to 27 seconds of information by simply talking into the microphone on the end of the sound level meter.

Benefits of VoiceTag

  • Record notes such as the location, what machinery is running, who is being measured or anything that will be useful when you come to analyse the measurement
  • You don't need to carry a notebook and the VoiceTag is a reminder to make notes about your measurements.
  • Information recorded is automatically downloaded to the NoiseTools software where is can be played back.
  • The sound level meter microphone is used to make the recordings, giving a high quality recording

VoiceTag availability

The VoiceTag function is available on the following Optimus Sound Level Meters

Optimus Yellow Sound Level Meters

Optimus Red Sound Level Meters

Optimus Green Sound Level Meters

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