Optimus sound level meters

Cirrus’ iconic range of revolutionary noise measuring instruments

First launched in 2009, the Optimus sound level meter has become synonymous with easy and accessible noise monitoring. Built to the latest standards and to various international regulations, an Optimus sound level meter will provide you with all the functionality you could ever need, measuring all sound parameters simultaneously, and presenting the data on a clear display that is easy to read.

The Optimus+ was launched in 2018 and added new features to the already-impressive arsenal of functionality held by its predecessor. With Bluetooth connectivity as standard, a redesigned keypad that’s more ergonomic and the ability to capture vehicle noise more effectively, the Optimus+ is the last sound level meter you’ll ever need to buy.

Choose the right Optimus sound level meter for your needs

The Optimus range is available in three distinct variants, each perfectly suited to a different application.

Optimus Yellow Sound Level Meters

A basic sound level meter, the Optimus Yellow is perfect for capturing simple noise data and can be used for fire alarm testing and noise ordinance surveys.

Optimus Red Sound Level Meters

The Optimus Red is the perfect tool for conducting occupational noise surveys as it fully conforms to UK Noise At Work Regulations, as well as other international standards.

Optimus Green Sound Level Meters

The ideal tool for any environmental noise survey, the Optimus Green is our top-of-the-range model with a number of incredibly helpful features. It can also measure noise at a tenth of a second intervals, making it perfect for monitoring noise levels on wind farms.

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