AuditStore™ data verification

  • Verification of critical noise measurement data
  • Secure, encypted storage of key measurement data, separate from the main instrument memory
  • Check measurements in NoiseTools against the AuditStore record
  • Verify that reported measurement data has not be adjusted or manipulated

AuditStore™ data verification for the Optimus Sound Level Meters

AuditStore is a new technology that helps you to ensure that your noise measurement data is valid and trustworthy. AuditStore allows the user to verify measurements that have been downloaded to the NoiseTools software against a secure data store within the instrument.

This allows the user to present data with confidence and to have the facility to verify that the measurement data has not been modified or adjusted.

The AuditStore technology is available, as standard, on all optimus sound level meters with firmware version 2.4 or later (March 2012). Downloading the AuditStore data requires NoiseTools version 1.4 or later.

How is AuditStore useful?

When you make a noise measurement with your optimus, the information about the noise levels are stored in your sound level meter.

When you download this information your PC using the NoiseTools software, the data is stored in a database. This information can be used to print out a report which may be used to show compliance with standards or regulations.

When you present the data as a printout or a PDF for example, how can you guarantee that the information shown is the same as that which was originally measured by the sound level meter?

With the software that is available on PC's, it is possible to manpiulate data or create what appears to be a noise measurement report with data that has been changed.

The AuditStore function allows you to verify your measurements and to state that the information being presented is true and has not been adjusted in any way.

How does it work?

The AuditStore data can be downloaded from the instrument when required and then the measurements can be checked against the AuditStore. Note that the AuditStore data is not downloaded automatically and is not downloaded at the same time as the main measurement data.

The NoiseTools software will check that the measurement information held in the main database and displayed on the screen matches the values within the AuditStore secure memory. NoiseTools will display verification symbols if the information matches, a unique feature which will be useful in any legal proceedings.

Each time you make a measurement with your optimus, a selection of the overall data is stored into a separate, secure memory that is independent of the main memory card.

This data contains essential information about the measurement such as the time, date and duration, the LAeq, Peak(C) and LAFmax, LA10 & LA90 (where available) and the overload indication.

In addition to the noise measurement data, information about the last calibration is also stored.

Can the AuditStore be manipulated?

No. The AuditStore data held in the instrument cannot be access by any means other than by the NoiseTools when the user requests a download. Once the AuditStore data has been downloaded, it is encrypted using a secure method and stored into a separate database from the main measurement information.

How many AuditStore records are saved?

The AuditStore memory stores up to 30,000 measurements and when this is full, the oldest measurements will start to be over written. This means that the most recent 30,000 records are available when the memory is full.

Do I have to use the AuditStore?

No. The AuditStore is provided as a unique feature of the optimus sound level meters but there is no requirement for you to use it.

If you decide not to use the AuditStore, there is no impact upon the operation of your optimus sound level meter.

How much does AuditStore cost?

The AuditStore is supplied free of charge for 12 months from the instrument's date of birth (This is the end of the quarter in which the instrument was created).

After 12 months free use, you will need to purchase a licence which will unlock the AuditStore for a further 3 or 5 years. There is also a cost option to reinstate a lapsed AuditStore.

Which optimus instruments provide AuditStore?

The AuditStore function is available, as standard, on data logging versions of the optimus sound level meter manufactured after the 1st April 2012 (version 2.4 firmware or later). The information below shows the instruments and the availability of the AuditStore function.

AuditStore also requires the use of NoiseTools software version 1.4.0 or later. Updates for the NoiseTools are available from within existing installations of the software

AuditStore availability

The AuditStore function is available on the following Optimus Sound Level Meters

Optimus Yellow Sound Level Meters

Optimus Red Sound Level Meters

Optimus Green Sound Level Meters

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