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(21st March 2022) PTB Type Approval for the Optimus+ Sound Level Meter

We are delighted to announce that the optimus red and optimus green sound level meters have been Type Approved by the PTB in Germany!

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(17th January 2022) The SoundSign: your go-to for safety signage

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations state that companies must clearly define any areas where there is a noise hazard, and clearly notify workers of any potential danger of high noise levels so that they can put on hearing protection.
But how can you define these areas and notify your workers?

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(25th October 2021) Environmental noise monitoring, anytime, any place and anywhere

Cirrus Research is excited to announce the launch of their latest cloud-based noise monitoring system, Quantum Outdoor. Quantum Outdoor is a single solution for the remote monitoring of noise 24/7; it uses powerful cloud technology to give users control over their environmental noise impacts at their desktops.

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(20th May 2021) Print Vehicle Noise Measurements from your Optimus+

Our team recently released a new feature for their Optimus+ sound level meter, which enables users to print vehicle noise measurement data directly from their Optimus+ instrument.

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(14th September 2020) Introducing the new Dual-Level Acoustic Calibrators from Cirrus Research

Cirrus Research is pleased to announce the addition of two all-new dual-level acoustic calibrators to our range of market-leading instrumentation. The CR:516 and CR:517 dual-level acoustic calibrators can calibrate sound level meters and noise dosimeters in the field, using either the 94dB at 1kHz or 114dB at 1kHz levels that are featured as standard. These new dual-level acoustic calibrators are Read More…

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Press releases

Noisy work hours: what are they according to the law?
(20th May 2022) Read more

PTB Type Approval for the Optimus+ Sound Level Meter
(21st March 2022) Read more

Noise complaints increased by over 50% during first lockdown year
(1st March 2022) Read more

Alan Dudley Wallis (1935 – 2022)
(7th February 2022) Read more

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2022
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The SoundSign: your go-to for safety signage
(17th January 2022) Read more

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