Testimonials What our customers say..

Below you will find a few examples of comments and case studies from some of our customers.

Optimus Sound Level Meters

"There is nothing out there that can rival the Optimus Red noise level meter for its intuitive technology and accuracy."

Nick Phillips / Manufacturing Manager, Ilmor Engineering

"The Optimus enables me to simultaneously get all the noise data I need, assess arising noise issues, make decisions, act on them immediately and record what's happening."

Chris Selkirk (TechIOA) / Noise Consultant

"It is a first class instrument and should be the prime tool of all environmental and occupational health officers - indeed all territorial officers should have this as their first port of call for noise measurements. It has all but exceeded all my expectations and I will be recommending it to all the health professionals I meet."

Dr Philip Dickinson / Professor, Sound Centre at Massey University

"We can use the Optimus in any part of the auditorium, on stage or back stage, so we can be very accurate in the data we collect across every part of Jersey Opera House."

Chris Wink / Technical Manager, Jersey Opera House

doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

"The Cirrus doseBadge is essential kit as far as I am concerned if I want to monitor and protect employees from noise at work."

David Wilford / Independent H&S Consultant

"We started using the Cirrus doseBadge in 2002 at our North American facilities and have had such great success that we purchased additional kits to use at our sites globally."

Christa Morphew / Corporate Industrial Hygienist, Cabot Corporation

Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder

"Having a Trojan is like having another officer on the team."

Nick Tindall / Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer, Hull City Council

"The Trojan is particularly invaluable when the noise nuisance is sporadic. It gives us a very clear picture of what is going on.."

Jill Edmondson, Team Leader / Communities Environmental Health Department, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council