Versions of the doseBadge

To allow the doseBadge Noise Dosimeter to be used across a diverse range of applications and environments, there are current 4 versions or variants of the instrument

Each version of the doseBadge has the features and functions that make the doseBadge unique and add additional features unqiue to that version.

The different versions are outlined below.

CR:110A doseBadge

The CR:110A is the standard version of the doseBadge with dual channel measurements. The CR:110A is supplied in a robust aluminium case (which is silver in colour) which protects the microphone capsule, battery and electronics inside the instrument.

CR:110A/BLK doseBadge

The CR:110A/BLK has the same functions as the CR:110A version but is supplied in a black case. This version was originally designed for use by musicians but has been used for measuring the noise exposure of police officers.

CR:110AIS doseBadge

The CR:110AIS is the Intrinsically Safe version of the CR:110A doseBadge and carried a range of Intrinsic Safety Certifications.

The measurement functions of the CR:110AIS are the same as for the CR:110A and CR:110A/BLK versions. The CR:110AIS version is supplied in a gold coloured case to differentiate it from the standard versions.

CR:112AIS doseBadge

The CR:112AIS is an Intrinsically Safe version of the doseBadge that has been certified by MSHA for use in mining applications where MSHA is the controlling body. The CR:112AIS has slightly different measurement functions to the CR:110A, CR:110A/BLK and CR:110AIS versions.

Please contact Cirrus Research or your local distributor for more information about the CR:112AIS version.

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