CR:250 Series Sound Level Meters

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Product Range:
Feature: Class 2 Sound Level Meter
Application: Basic Noise Measurements
Feature: Class 1 Sound Level Meter
Application: Basic Noise Measurements

The need for simple, accurate noise measurements for both industrial and environmental use produces a requirement for a robust measurement tool. Instruments that can be used quickly and easily whilst providing information accurately and precisely can be supplied to users to allow regular periodic or continuous recording of information.

The CR:250 series feature both A and C weighting and can be used in most industrial hygiene situations as well as general factory safety. Measuring both frequency weightings allows prescription of hearing defenders using the HML method.

The CR:250 Series are also ideal for use for the measurement of noise from motor vehicles and are widely used throughout the Motorsport Industry for both static and drive by noise measurements. The CR:250 series of instruments is available in two versions.

The CR:251B conforms to the requirements of Type 1 of IEC 60651, and the CR:252B to the requirements of Type 2.

The main physical difference between the units is in the microphone and preamplifier assembly. The CR:251B is supplied with a removable preamplifier as standard, allow the instrument to be used with extension cables.

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The AC and DC outputs allow the CR:250 series to be used as a front end for additional measurements systems and data recording applications. A range of accessories is available for the CR:250 instruments including windshields and carrying cases. The instrument is also available as a measurement kit

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