15 Year Warranty from Cirrus Research plc

Cirrus Research is delighted to announce that it is now able to offer a 15 year warranty on its noise measurement equipment.

Such is our confidence in the reliability and strength of our products we are happy to provide this new extended warranty to any acoustic instrument manufactured by Cirrus Research from 1st September 2011 onwards.

Under the terms of the new scheme, Cirrus Research's standard two year warranty can now be extended by a further 13 years at no additional cost; that is provided the instrument is routinely verified by Cirrus Research or an Authorised Service & Calibration Centre every 12 months.

The warranty covers all faults on the instrument, as well as minor accidental damage, excluding the microphone (Terms & conditions apply).

For more information about this warranty please contact your local distributor or Cirrus Research plc and we will be pleased to help.

Terms & Conditions

Cirrus Research plc offer new products with a two year return to base warranty against all faults. This warranty is extendable, one year at a time, up to a maximum of fifteen years, if the products are calibrated annually with Cirrus Research plc, or a Cirrus Calibration Centre.

In short, if your instrument is calibrated annually, with Cirrus Research plc, then you can enjoy peace of mind for up to 15 years, through our industry leading "no quibble" warranty policy

1. This document is a summary of the full warranty document and explains the Cirrus Research plc warranty in ordinary English; not in legal or complex terms.

2. The warranty covers any acoustic instrument such as a sound level meter, acoustic calibrator, real time acoustic analyser or personal sound exposure meter (dosemeter) manufactured by Cirrus Research plc after September 1st 2011.

3. The warranty covers all faults on, and minor accidental damage to, the instrument except the microphone capsule for the period defined in para (4) below.

4. Minor accidental damage does not include blatant miss-use, damage caused by the use of any accessories or components not specified or recommended by Cirrus, damage caused through non-Cirrus modification, continued use outside of Cirrus' recommended procedure or conditions or use contrary to the any advice provided by Cirrus.

5. The initial period of the warranty is 2 (two) years or 104 weeks from the date of purchase as a new instrument from Cirrus Research plc or their formally approved distributors OR 130 weeks from the date the instrument passed its final manufacturing inspection at Cirrus Research plc - whichever is the shorter.

6. A shorter 1 (one) year or 52 week warranty is offered for used, ex-demo or ex-rental equipment unless a special arrangement is made and a written confirmation of the special warranty is given by Cirrus Research plc.

7. Any rechargeable battery only has the battery manufacturer's one year warranty, however there will be a reduced charge for their replacement during the annual "Traceable Calibration."

8. On completion of the annual "Traceable Calibration" by Cirrus Research plc, or an official Cirrus Calibration Centre, the instrument will automatically be given an additional free one year warranty.

9. It follows that should the instrument be calibrated by Cirrus Research plc, or an official Cirrus Calibration Centre every year, the warranty is effectively continuous to a maximum of 15 (fifteen) years from the date of purchase.

10. There will be a charge for this "Traceable Calibration" and the price is published in the Calibration Price List. The customer is responsible for all shipping, duty and other charges relating to the annual "Traceable Calibration".

11. Where a repair service is conducted under warranty, Cirrus Research plc will cover the shipping, duty and other costs relating to the repair of the instrument.

12. Cirrus Research endeavor to ensure stocks of instrument components for the full fifteen year period but do not guarantee to do so as certain components do become obsolete or discontinued.

13. If a sub-component becomes obsolete and stocks are depleted then Cirrus Research will endeavor to facilitate a repair but will not offer the same length warranty.

14. In the event of any dispute on the terms of the warranty Cirrus Research plc will accept pendulum arbitration by the United Kingdom Institute of Acoustics Ltd.

15. The warranty does not in any way reduce any legal right of the buyer or user of the sound level meter; it is in addition to all legal rights determined by the European Union.

16. Cirrus Research plc reserves the right to amend or update these terms and conditions without prior notice.

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