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Cirrus Research has always specialised in the development and production of noise measurement instrumentation.

Cirrus Research milestones include the world's first Type 1 Data Logging Sound Level Meter, the first Type 1 Data Logging Real-Time Analyser, and the world's first twin channel Data Logging Dosimeter to meet the EC Directive 86/188/EEC in all respects.

Cirrus Research Engineers were the first to publish the detailed specifications for the L3M and DP15 interfaces which were successfully used by several other Sound Level Meter manufacturers.

2006 saw Cirrus obtain the first PTB Type Approval of a Sound Level Meter to the new IEC 61672 standard. The CR:261S Vehicle Noise Sound Level Meter was designed to meet a customer requirement and was designed, certified and delivered within 12 months.

In 2008 the CR:515 and CR:514 Acoustic Calibrators were granted Type Approval by the PTB to the latest standards, the first units of this type to obtain this prestigious certification.

2010 saw the introduction of Optimus, the next generation of sound level meters from Cirrus. The Optimus instruments combine the very latest technology with ease of use to provide the ideal sound level meter for any application.

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