Institute of Acoustics Young Person’s Innovation Award winner announced

London South Bank University (LSBU) Acoustic Group PhD candidate, Eric Ballestero, has been announced as the winner of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) Young Person’s Award for Acoustical Engineering, sponsored by Cirrus Research.

The award was for Eric’s research with the Royal Opera House and his PhD thesis entitled, ‘Overhauling sound diffusion in auditoria using deep-subwavelength acoustic metamaterials’.

The IOA Young Persons Award is awarded every two years and is designed to recognise excellence and achievement in acoustical engineering among those who are aged under 35 or early on in their career.

Cirrus Research became a key sponsor of the IOA in 1989, alongside two other professional instrumentation manufacturers operating in the UK, Bruel & Kjaer and Casella. Both Cirrus Research and Bruel & Kjaer continue to be key sponsors presently.

Between 1986 and 1996 the Institute awarded the Simon Alport Prize, which was funded by Cirrus Research. This prize was awarded to the young person (under 28 years of age) who had published the best recent paper describing work involving the use of computers in acoustics.

Cirrus Research have provided many innovations in the field of noise measurement instruments including the doseBadge wireless noise dosimeter, the Optimus Sound Level Meter, and the Invictus Environmental Noise Monitor.

Find out more about the longstanding history behind the Institute of Acoustics, which is available from the IOA website.

To find out more about Eric and his research you can visit his personal website.

Find out more about the history of Cirrus Research.

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