Earth Day 2021 – How We’re Supporting the Environment

Earth Day 2021 is here, highlighting the many challenges faced across the globe as we continue to struggle with managing the impact the 21st Century world has on the planet. Politicians from all corners of the world are committing to more ambitious action to tackle climate change and people are being asked to reflect on their own behaviours to minimise the impact their lifestyle has on our natural world. But it’s not just governments and families that have to make adjustments. The responsibility falls to everyone to ensure that we care for and protect this fragile blue rock we all call home.

Here at Cirrus Research, we take our responsibility to the environment incredibly seriously and pride ourselves on being committed to sustainability across all areas of our business, whether it’s in the packaging we use for our products, the type of paper we use or simply turning the lights off when they’re not needed. It’s no exaggeration to say that, to coin a phrase, every little helps. But our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with what we do inside our business.

Our industry-leading 15-year warranty is the cornerstone of our sustainability programme as it highlights the longevity and build quality of our products. The fact that our equipment has such a long lifespan means that the amount of non-recyclable waste we generate and our carbon footprint are greatly reduced.

We also offer trade-ins for any acoustic measurement equipment from any manufacturer, allowing our customers to dispose of old instruments safely and responsibly. We recycle as many components as we possibly can from all equipment that’s traded in to us, from electronics to plastics and packaging.

Cirrus Research will continue to innovate new ways in which we can maintain our commitment to sustainability and the environment. We’re proud to be playing our part to preserve the planet.

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