Vibration measurement and tree surgery: what products can tree surgeons use to help protect against vibration?

In a previous article, we introduced the risks faced by tree surgeons and arborists by vibration as part of their work. We touched on the effects of excessive vibration levels on tree surgeons and discussed some of the science behind how vibration levels are measured. Understanding the importance of protecting people against vibration is an important first step. The next thing to understand is vibration measurement and tree surgery, and what equipment is available. Having the right equipment allows for the correct steps to be taken to reduce the risk of excessive vibration exposure.

Vibration measurement in the tree surgery industry

Unlike when measuring noise, it’s not possible to constantly measure vibration levels for the duration of a tree surgeon’s shift. Instead, when measuring vibration levels, it’s best practice to take a sample of the equipment that needs to be measured, focussing only on the “trigger time”, which is time that the equipment is actually being used. The vibration levels are recorded and then a calculation is made to provide an equivalent level for eight hours of exposure.

In order to measure vibration levels of a chainsaw in the tree surgery industry, you need to use a hand-arm vibration monitor, such as the Revo.

Introducing the Revo Hand-Arm Vibration Meter – perfect for vibration measurement in the tree surgery industry

Vibration measurement and tree surgery product: an image of the Revo hand-arm vibration meter being held.

The Revo Hand-Arm Vibration Meter, from Cirrus Research, is an advanced and easy-to-deploy hand-arm vibration meter that can be used to measure the vibration levels of chainsaws and other power tools, used in the tree surgery industry. Supplied with everything you need to easily and effectively measure hand-arm vibration, including a free vibration level calculator, the Revo is a comprehensive solution to help protection tree surgeons and arborists from the risks associated with excessive vibration exposure.

  • Measures hand-arm vibration to the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, so you can be sure you’re measuring accurate and reliable data that will help you better protect people from the risks posed by excessive vibration
  • 3-channel FFT for the detection of main frequencies, to provide you with the fullest set of data, so you can make better-informed decisions on what remedial action to take
  • Stores up to 10000 measurement and up to 1000 FFT measurements, so you don’t have to worry about important data not being captured because your device has run out of storage
  • Colour screen display of running and interval measurement values, so you get a clear visual indication of the vibration levels in real-time
  • USB interface to quickly download your data to your PC or laptop
  • Available as part of a complete vibration measurement kit, which includes all the accessories you need to effectively measure hand-arm vibration, including handle mounts for the triaxial accelerometer

Why choose to purchase vibration measurement instruments from Cirrus Research?

  • Industry-leading worry-free 15-year warranty, to safeguard your investment
  • Free vibration data calculator, to help you better understand your data and make more informed decisions on what remedial action you need to take
  • Accredited instrument calibration laboratory, so you can be sure your vibration meter maintains its accuracy and reliability
  • 50 years’ of technical expertise and excellence, so you can have confidence in us and our instruments
  • Unrivalled in-house technical support, so you always have access to the answers you need
  • Expertly-designed vibration measurement solutions, to help you protect people’s health and well-being

For any further information on Revo Hand-Arm Vibration Meter and to learn how else Cirrus Research can help you, feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly UK-based team.

In the meantime, why not check out our article on the top 4 vibration at work mistakes? Alternatively, you can find out more about vibration measurement and tree surgery on the Health & Safety Executive website, here.