Helping North Kesteven Council investigate over 600 noise complaints

Anyone who has neighbours knows that sometimes, they can be less than courteous; whether it’s loud music and all-night parties, or the dog that’s trying to communicate with the whole street.

We all have a right to live in a quiet and peaceful area and whilst some noise can be ignored, sometimes it becomes too much to bear and we have to tell someone. Given the recent studies that have shown a clear link between noise exposure and poor health, it’s important to investigate noise nuisance thoroughly, with quality equipment that doesn’t miss a thing.

That’s how we helped North Kesteven District Council.

North Kesteven District Council received 608 noise complaints in 2018 and the number doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in 2019.

The team needed to find the right solution to help the them investigate and resolve noise nuisance complaints quickly and effectively.

Before choosing Cirrus, North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) identified that they needed an additional noise kit to support the investigation of noise complaints. During recent summers, the team found that the demand for noise nuisance kits increased, and so they decided that additional equipment would help ease the pressure and ensure that all complaints are investigated in a timely manner.

The team found that the noise kit offered by Cirrus was absolutely perfect for what they needed.

To help solve their issues, we suggested the Trojan noise nuisance recorder: an industry-leading piece of equipment that has been built specifically to help local authorities and housing associations properly investigate noise complaints.

Prior to NKDC’s purchase, we arranged for one of our in-house experts to visit their office and train the team how to properly deploy the equipment and get the most out of their investment. We visited again a few months later, after a new member had joined the noise nuisance team.

Although the equipment is incredibly powerful and built to the highest acoustic standards, it’s incredibly easy to get to grips with. After a couple of hours’ training, the whole team felt confident to go out and use the Trojan to its fullest extent.

The Trojan can be deployed quickly and easily, which has significantly reduced the time that the team needs to spend on-site, helping to save resources and allowing for more complaints to be investigated. Bohdan Dawyd, as one of the Environmental Protection Officer’s at NKDC, investigates noise nuisance as part of his day-to-day job. He told us: “All the team found the equipment great and although the technology behind it is very scientific, we found it very simple and easy-to-use”.

Not only does the Trojan come with our licence-free data download, analysis and reporting software, but it’s also supported by an industry-leading 15-year warranty, which has provided the Council with peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected against any damage.


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