Make calibration one of your New Year’s resolutions

This time of year it’s traditional for individuals to make New Year’s resolutions about their health regime with a full body MOT. Cirrus Research, noise measurement specialist, is advising owners of noise measurement equipment to take the same approach by ensuring that their instruments are calibrated regularly by an approved laboratory. This will help verify that the instruments are healthy, providing accurate measurements for the oncoming year.

It is of course vital that noise measurement instruments measure accurately not only to meet standards, regulations and guidelines but to clarify on an ongoing basis whether noise damage is occurring in the workplace or the environment. Each time a piece of equipment is used it should automatically be calibrated using an acoustic calibrator, both before and after each measurement. This helps verify that the equipment is working correctly and is known as field calibration.  However, due to the precise nature of a measurement instrument it should be subject to routine factory verification to ensure that it continues to perform accurately and operate to its original specifications.

James Tingay, Group Marketing Manager at Cirrus Research Ltd comments: “By the very nature of the job a noise measurement instrument carries out it is imperative that it is designed and manufactured to perfect standards. However, whilst individuals are willing to invest heavily in the necessary equipment, the ongoing maintenance is sometimes overlooked. Having a noise measurement instrument calibrated every year is every bit as vital as a human being visiting the dentist or doctor on a regular basis. By opting to use a calibration service it allows every function that is available on the instrument to be checked to ensure that it meets the same specifications it had when the instrument was new. Some instruments, such as the Optimus, will need over 350 separate performance checks carried out.”

Cirrus Research provides calibration and repair services for the entire Cirrus noise measurement product range with fully trained engineers with many years’ experience in the industry making sure the products are as good as new. A number of areas are checked during a calibration service at Cirrus Research and these of course vary depending on the make and model of the equipment tested. For example, a sound level meter will have a visual Inspection, internal software check, system acoustic calibration, instrument performance verification and memory storage and download test, whilst a doseBadge Noise Dosemeter and Reader will have a visual inspection, internal firmware check, battery life check and performance verification. It is important to clarify that once any noise instrument has undergone a calibration it will be issued a Certification of Calibration to verify its conformance and validity. This serves as essential evidence that the calibration has been performed to the relevant standards.

Another feature of Cirrus Research’s service is that an instrument can have its warranty extended by a further 12 months when it is calibrated. With up to 12 years warranty available, customers can be certain that their investment will be supported for years to come.

Cirrus Research’s calibration service is available at a fixed price and minor repairs are included as part of the cost. No additional chargeable work will be undertaken without contacting the owner and providing a quote. In many instances the calibration service is available as part of a package of extended warranty.

For further information on Cirrus Research and the calibration services available please call 0845 243 2434 or visit the website page

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