NoiseTools 1.8.5 is now available! – Find out what’s new

The latest release of our NoiseTools software is now available to download here.

This version of our licence-free software includes a number of improvements, bug fixes and added support for the new Optimus+ model.

For most people, this will be a minor update. The main thing you need to know is that if you use Optimus Cloud, you will have to re-link NoiseTools to your account. This is done by going to the Tools > Optimus Cloud menu and following the instructions to login and allow access to your account.

For people using the new outdoor kit (CK:685), the changes to NoiseTools and Optimus Cloud will mean that you can’t access your instrument remotely until you have upgraded.

A full list of new features and improvements is as follows:

  • Added support for the latest Optimus Cloud improvements
    • You will need to re-link NoiseTools with your cloud account
  • Improved status display for remote instruments
  • Improved performance and reduced problems with long running downloads
  • Fixed some issues displaying octave band data from doseBadges
  • Fixed Defender reports not showing custom over/under protection values
  • Improved the display of recalculated values with certain integrator settings
  • Fixed some connection issues with legacy instruments
  • Various other minor bug fixes and improvements

NoiseTools supports the following instruments

  • Optimus/Optimus+ Sound Level Meters
    • Optimus Yellow (CR:150 Series B Versions)
    • Optimus Red (CR:160 Series B,C & D Versions)
    • Optimus Green (CR:170 Series 0,A,B & C Versions)
  • Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorders
    • Trojan2 (All Versions)
    • TrojanLITE
    • Trojan1 (All Versions)

 doseBadge Noise Dosimeters

  • doseBadge5 (All Versions)
  • CR:110A/AIS doseBadge (when used with RC:110A Reader)
  • CR:110AL doseBadge (when used with RC:110AL Reader)
  • CR:112A/AIS doseBadge (when used with RC:112A Reader)
  • Legacy Instruments
    • CR:800C Sound Level Meters (with USB)
    • CR:260A+ Sound Level Meters (with USB & Download Option)

Key Features of NoiseTools

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