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Helping You Comply with Noise Regulations with Our Expert Noise Consultancy Services

You may find that alongside or instead of purchasing your own noise measurement equipment and training, you want to take advanatage of the knowledge, skill and expertise of a noise measurement expert. This often helps to free up valuable time and resource, allowing you to focus on the other important aspects of your organisation, while we conduct a noise survey on your behalf, assessing the risk posed to your employees, local residents and the environment, and providing you with a breakdown of what you need to do in order to keep all three safe.

We continue to provide workplace noise surveys and environmental noise surveys for some of the world's biggest airlines, residential developments, logistics companies, food manufacturers, entertainment venues, and petrochemical plants. We also work with smaller-scale businesses across the world, providing detailed noise at work surveys to help them ensure their compliance with local health and safety legislation, including the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 as well as .

We offer a completely bespoke noise consultancy service. We're happy to undertake either all or parts of your noise monitoring, depending on what you need. Whether you need a full noise at work survey or an initial consultation about environmental noise from your premises, we're happy to help in any way we can.

Pick & Choose from Our Noise Consultancy Services

  • Initial conversation and on-site consultation to understand your objectives
  • Provide fully-costed proposals with recommendations for the types of equipment and monitoring required
  • Complete any monitoring and post-monitoring analysis as required
  • Provide a list of any follow-up actions to maintain compliance with regulations

Our in-house acoustic consultants are members of the Institute of Acoustics and have completed the Diploma in Acoustics & Noise Control and the Management of Hand-Arm Vibration.

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Consultancy is a completely bespoke service. Cirrus Research is happy to undertake either all or parts of your monitoring as required. We understand that no two consultancy projects are the same and approach every task with this mindset. What works for one organisation may not work for another.

You can speak to a Cirrus Research representative at any time regarding our noise consultancy service.

How can our noise consultants help you with your noise challenges?

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