New Calibration Laboratory for Europe Opens in Frankfurt

We’re very excited to announce that our friends in Germany have opened a brand-new noise measurement calibration laboratory at their Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

Acting as the central hub for all instrument calibration work in Germany and across the EU, Cirrus Research GmbH‘s new calibration laboratory brings the same level of quality, accuracy, and reliability to mainland Europe that has made our UK calibration laboratory to go-to choice for so many health and safety officers, environmental health officers and acoustic consultants.

The new EU calibration lab will help us maintain our long-standing commitment to our customers, which is to guarantee that for every year an instrument is calibrated with us, its worry-free no-quibble warranty will be extended, up to a maximum of 15 years. Our warranty is unlike any other offered by manufacturers of noise measurement equipment. It covers all accidental damage to the instrument itself, as well as the microphone capsule, which means that your investment is protected, whatever happens. It also helps us to minimise our impact on the environment. We believe that for every product we repair and service and for every instrument was save from needing to be replaced, it lessens the impact on the natural world as we save the resources and materials needed to produce it.

The opening of this new calibration lab and service centre demonstrates the commitment everyone in the Cirrus Research family has to the German operation and European market.

Our instrument calibration service covers all noise and vibration measurement equipment, regardless of the manufacturer, including:

  • Sound level meters
  • Noise dosimeters
  • Noise warning signs
  • Environmental noise monitors
  • Acoustic calibrators
  • Microphone capsules

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