Introducing the new Dual-Level Acoustic Calibrators from Cirrus Research

Cirrus Research is pleased to announce the addition of two all-new dual-level acoustic calibrators to our range of market-leading instrumentation.

The CR:516 and CR:517 dual-level acoustic calibrators can calibrate sound level meters and noise dosimeters in the field, using either the 94dB at 1kHz or 114dB at 1kHz levels that are featured as standard. These new dual-level acoustic calibrators are available as either Class 1 (CR:517) or Class 2 (CR:516) instruments and meet the strict demands of the IEC 60942: 2017 standard.

The CR:516 and CR:517 dual-level acoustic calibrators.

Here are some of the key features of our new dual-level acoustic calibrators:

  • IEC 60942: 2017 Class 2 & Class 1 performance
  • 94dB and 114dB sound pressure level output
  • Can be used for the calibration of sound level meters, noise dosimeters and instruments that require two levels of calibration
  • Suitable for use with standard 1/2″ microphone capsules
  • 1/4″ microphone adaptor available
  • Automatic power switch-off with user override, providing longer battery life
  • Robust case with ergonomic design

The CR:516 and CR:517 are now available to order from Cirrus Research as standalone units or can form part of a full noise measurement kit.

Find out more about our range of acoustic calibrators here.

Clarke Roberts

Senior Marketing Executive at Cirrus Research plc
Clarke is a Senior Marketing Executive and is responsible for helping people to find Cirrus Research's innovative noise measurement solutions by using all aspects of the marketing mix.

He particularly enjoys writing content about product applications, including noise nuisance, occupational noise and environmental noise pollution.

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