Covid-19 Has Presented New Health & Safety Challenges. But The Old Ones Are Still There & We’re Here To Help You Manage Them.

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented a whole host of new health and safety challenges for businesses across the country and the world. While Covid-19 is the health and safety focus of many businesses right now, it’s essential to remember that existing health and safety challenges still exist and that the regulations have not changed. You’re still required by law to make sure that your workplace is risk-free and that your people are protected.

Here’s what the HSE Concerns & Advice Team have told us:

“The duty to manage the risks from any work activity, including noise at work, for those businesses that continue to operate during the pandemic, remains.

Duty-holders still have a legal responsibility to maintain work equipment and carry out thorough examinations, written schemes and Statutory Inspections. These legal duties exist to help manage the significant hazard that the failure of such equipment can pose. Not complying with these duties can significantly increase the risk of harm to workers and members of the public. At the current time, HSE is not considering issuing exemptions or relaxation of these requirements, but this position will be kept under review in recognition of the changing situation in relation to Covid19.”

That means measuring, monitoring and controlling noise should still be a priority for your health and safety operation. Protecting your employees from the dangers of exposure to excessive noise levels is still of utmost importance, as it always has been.

That being said, it’s a well-known fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about financial challenges too, which aren’t easily overcome. Cirrus Research has always put people’s health and well-being at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to help you meet your obligations in any way we can.

We understand that budgets have been hit hard, so having access to the equipment you need to meet your obligations under health and safety law. That’s why we’ve taken a number of steps to try and help you get access to the equipment you need during these challenging times.

We’ve expanded our rental fleet with new sound level meters and noise dosimeters for contactless measurements

When renting our noise measurement equipment, you have access to the instruments you need for a fraction of the cost. All our equipment is available to hire on flexible terms, whether you need it for three days or three months.

We’ve expanded our rental fleet so that every one of our sound level meter rental kits now includes our top-of-the-range Optimus+ Green, which features Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect to the instrument from your smartphone through our dBActive app. The app allows you to start/stop measurements remotely and view live measurement information from up to 10 metres away, which is perfect for social distancing!

We’ve also added our iconic doseBadge noise dosimeters to our rental fleet, which are the perfect instruments for socially distanced noise monitoring.

We’ve also extended and enhanced our “rental rebate”

If you choose to buy your equipment within six months of hiring it, you’ll receive up to three weeks of the rental cost back!

We’ve introduced the ‘Way-Back’ Pack to help businesses get back on their feet

You might not think it, but controlling noise levels plays an important role in reducing the spread of Covid-19. Research has shown that when people raise their voices (talking loudly, shouting, singing etc.), the number of droplets that are released increases, which raises the risk of virus transmission.

We’ve introduced a comprehensive package that can be customised to meet each business’ specific requirements, that includes a range of equipment that will help organisations manage the risks of returning to work. The package includes:

  • a CR:308/CR:310 entry-level sound level meter
  • a Covid-secure variant of our noise-activated warning sign, the SoundSign
  • a JXB-178 handheld non-contact infrared forehead thermometer
  • an IR Sentinel contactless temperature detection system

The ‘Way-Back’ Pack can be purchased for a one-off fee that constitutes a 20% saving as compared with buying each component separately. Alternatively, it can be hired for fixed 3-, 6- or 12-month periods.

Clarke Roberts

Senior Marketing Executive at Cirrus Research plc
Clarke is a Senior Marketing Executive and is responsible for helping people to find Cirrus Research's innovative noise measurement solutions by using all aspects of the marketing mix.

He particularly enjoys writing content about product applications, including noise nuisance, occupational noise and environmental noise pollution.