Introducing the “Way-Back” Pack; helping the hospitality industry get back on their feet

Image showing the 'Way-back' Pack for the hospitality sector.

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges for every industry and sector. Whether it’s been the adoption of new working practices of being forced to close by government guidelines, it’s been a tough time for everyone. Government guidance is constantly evolving and with it, the list of businesses that are allowed to open is growing. Of course, ensuring that workplaces and public spaces are Covid-secure is absolutely paramount. As our mission has been to protect people’s health and well-being in the workplace for more than 50 years, it’s only natural that we feel compelled to help businesses return to normal as safely and securely as they can.

One of the hardest-hit sectors has been the hospitality industry, with hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs being forced to close in March, only to be allowed to reopen from the 4th July. Reopening is conditional, providing that hospitality venues introduce and implement measures to stem the spread of the virus. Many venues have already introduced temperature checks and contact tracing, but another one of the conditions to safe reopening is controlling noise levels. The BBC highlighted:

“Pubs and restaurants should keep music at a low volume to avoid people needing to shout, which increases the risk of transmission from tiny droplets in the air, known as aerosols.” (via BBC News:

An image showing the 'Way-Back' Pack, helping the hospitality industry get back to work. The pack consists of a CR308 sound level meter, a Covid-specific noise-activated warning sign, a non-contact infrared thermometer, and the IR Sentinel non-contact automated entry fever detection system.

Of course, venues are able to control the volume of their music but knowing when the noise level gets too high isn’t as easy. As noise measurement specialists, we’re in a great position to be able to help those businesses in the hospitality sector operate safely as we move forward from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve introduced the “Way-Back” Pack, which has been specifically created to help businesses in the hospitality industry reopen safely, and make their way back from the three-month lockdown. Our pack includes:

  • A simple sound level meter: keep an eye on the noise level with this incredibly simple-to-use sound level meter and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission from people talking loudly
  • A noise-activated warning sign: get an immediate visual alert as to when the noise levels are too high, allowing you to take action to reduce the risk of virus transmission
  • A handheld infrared thermometer: test the temperature of your employees and your customers quickly and easily
  • An automated door access fever detection system: automatically grant or deny entry to people depending on their temperature and add an additional layer of security to your premises

This unique package is available to purchase or hire as a complete. Or, you can customise it to your specific needs, adding more of what you need and removing the things you don’t.

You can find out more about the “Way-Back” Pack by visiting

Clarke Roberts

Senior Marketing Executive at Cirrus Research plc
Clarke is a Senior Marketing Executive and is responsible for helping people to find Cirrus Research's innovative noise measurement solutions by using all aspects of the marketing mix.

He particularly enjoys writing content about product applications, including noise nuisance, occupational noise and environmental noise pollution.

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