How to measure noise safely as you return to work after/during lockdown

Following the adjustment in the UK lockdown guidance, many of you may be starting to return to work. If you’re tasked with measuring and monitoring noise, you may be wondering how best to do it while ensuring you keep to social distancing guidelines. Here are some of the things you can do to stay as safe as possible while gathering the data you need to keep people and the environment safe from excessive noise.

Use non-contact noise dosimeters like the doseBadge5

The doseBadge5 is packed full of features that make non-contact noise measurement incredibly easy! 

  • Mounting clips allow doseBadges to be worn by employees, meaning you don’t need to be around when they’re gathering data
  • Bluetooth® connectivity means you can connect to individual badges from your smartphone using the dBActive app, and view live measurement data from up to 10 meters away
  • The doseBadge remote control (Wand) allows you to control individual doseBadges, meaning you can start and stop measurements from a safe distance
  • Pre-programmable start/stop timers will enable you to configure your badges to only operate during specific shift times, meaning you don’t need to be there to begin and end measurements

Use microphone extension cables and tripods with Optimus sound level meters

If you measure a specific location or piece of machinery, then it’s likely you’ll use a handheld sound level meter like the Optimus. Our range of Optimus accessories will help you keep a safe distance from others:

  • Microphone preamp extension cables come in varying lengths including 2m, 5m, 10m and 20m, meaning you don’t need to be anywhere near the area you’re measuring
  • Use a tripod to mount the Optimus in the area you’re measuring, so you can switch it on, hit start, and let the meter capture the data you need without you needing to be there
  • The Optimus+ comes with Bluetooth® connectivity, which means you can control your meter from your smartphone using the dBLink mobile app!
  • When used with our extension cables, tripods offer the perfect solution to measuring noise while keeping to social distancing guidelines. Just mount the preamplifier using one of our adapters to your tripod, and use your meter from a safe distance

Keep your equipment clean and sterile with antibacterial and isopropyl wipes

Whether you’re using an Optimus sound level meter, a doseBadge noise dosimeter or a Trojan noise nuisance recorder, it’s essential to keep it clean and sterile to help prevent the spread of covid-19.

  • Use antibacterial wipes on plastic and hard cases
  • Only use isopropyl wipes on microphone preamplifier barrels and microphone capsules

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