COVID-19 Business Update #2

As the week has gone on, our working-from-home (WFH) teams have adapted well to their new setups. Enquiries are still coming in from across the UK and indeed the rest of the world. As of today, nothing has changed and we are still open for business as usual.

To reiterate the main messages from the last update:

  • We are still open for business
  • You can still phone our office number and get through to a member of our team
  • You can still send email enquiries and expect a swift response
  • You can still purchase any equipment you need
  • You can still hire any equipment you need
  • Our service and calibration is still functioning – you are able to send your equipment in for calibration, servicing and repairs

The only things that have been disrupted are our training courses. Our product training course scheduled for April at Oulton Park has been cancelled.

All other courses are currently going ahead as planned – should anything change, we will update you here and you will be contacted.

Get yourself ready for when things pick up and make sure your equipment is still compliant with regulations

If you already have noise measurement equipment, then we’re here to help you make sure that it’s compliant with legislation. Our calibration laboratory is still open and ready to verify acoustic measurement instruments from any manufacturer.

For your added peace of mind, measures have been introduced to ensure that your equipment is returned to you as clean and sterile as possible:

• All inbound consignments are subjected to a 24-hour quarantine process
• All instruments are screened using a high-power UV-C sterilisation lamp before they enter our calibration laboratory
• Our service and calibration engineers are wearing gloves and using isopropyl wipes when any instrument is handled
We also hope these measures will ease the financial burdens you’re currently facing, as they mean you won’t have to commit time and/or resources to decontaminating your equipment when it’s returned to you.

To help you further manage costs during this time, if your calibration is due in the next few weeks but you don’t have the resources to cover the cost, you can book it in to our service centre up to three months in advance, and we’ll honour your 15-year warranty.

Whilst there is the potential for things to slow down in the coming weeks, we’d recommend that you have your instruments calibrated now to minimise any potential downtime further down the line, once things are back to some semblance of normality.