Cirrus Research is Ready for Brexit

Following the result of the UK General Election in December 2019, the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union on January 31st 2020. I’ve covered this topic a few times on our blog and on social media. Still, now we know that the UK will be withdrawing from the EU, I thought it would be in the interests of all our customers and followers, to explain what this means in terms of our business and our relationship with you.

What will change after January 31st?

The first thing to say is that on February 1st, nothing will have changed. That’s because contained in the Withdrawal Agreement, is the commitment to a 12-month transition period, during which the UK’s relationship with the EU will fundamentally remain as it is now. The only main difference is that technically speaking, the UK will no longer be a member state of the EU.

The UK will still be subject to the rules and regulations of the EU, and the UK will remain a member of the EU Customs Union and Single Market. This means that the way the United Kingdom and the European Union trade with each other will be the same. There won’t be any additional tariffs or border checks on products moving between the two blocs, meaning that supply chains won’t be affected. The importing and exporting of goods will continue as is.

The transition period is in place to allow the UK and EU to negotiate a new trading relationship, which won’t be in place until at least December 2020. The nature of that relationship is, at this point, completely unknown. Therefore, it’s incredibly difficult to speculate about how UK-EU trade will be affected. There is also the possibility that there may not be a post-transition agreement reached, in which case, the UK will default to trading with the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.

How will Cirrus Research be affected?

With regards to how Cirrus Research operates post-Brexit-transition, we don’t anticipate any significant changes to our current operation, whether there is a trade deal agreed or not. Although we are a UK-based organisation, we have independent Cirrus operations in Germany and France, as well as primary authorised resellers in multiple territories across the world, including in the US, Asia, Africa and Australasia. We have always been and will continue to be a truly international business.

So, in short, Brexit will not affect your relationship with us. We will still be able to manufacture equipment; you will always be able to purchase equipment.

If you have any further questions about what Cirrus has done to get ready for Brexit, you can watch our video, where CEO Daren Wallis addresses some of the frequently asked questions we received last year. Alternatively, you can visit the UK Government website or the EU Commission website to find out more information or to learn what your business can do to prepare for Brexit.

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