Our Biggest Ever Black Friday Offers Are Here!

It’s that time of year again and we’re offering our biggest ever Black Friday promotions! Check out our fantastic deals below and find out how much you could save:

Our best ever Black Friday price for new acoustic instruments

Entry-level sound meters

Perfect for when you just need to capture basic noise information, our range of entry-level sound meters have never been available at a cheaper price on Black Friday. Packed full of functionality, the decibel meters are incredibly easy to get to grips with and will provide you with the noise information you need to be able to determine whether a more comprehensive investigation is needed.

The CR:308 kit – £501

• Sound level meter, acoustic calibrator, kit case and windshield
• Captures live noise data
• Custom-set alarm threshold, which provides a visual indicator when the level is breached

The CR:310 kit – £677

• Sound level meter, acoustic calibrator, kit case and windshield
• Captures live noise data and can display the LAeq
• Optional portable printer to allow you to print results directly

Optimus+ Yellow kit – £1873

• Sound level meter, acoustic calibrator, windshield, data analysis software and data transfer cable
• Captures live noise data and stores data, which can be viewed in our licence-free data analysis software, NoiseTools
• Easily upgradable to more powerful Optimus instruments to add even more functionality

Environmental Noise Monitors£5749

• Available as either a portable monitor or permanently-installed solution
• Data download, analysis and reporting platform included
• Weather measurements can be added

All-Weather noise-activated warning sign – £437

• Get visual alerts when the noise level is too high
• Add warning beacons to make alert even more visible
• Perfect for all industries

Save 29% On All Refurbished Stock

That’s 29% off preowned sound level meters, noise dosimeters, noise-activated warning signs, outdoor measurement kits and noise nuisance recorders!

Think preowned is unloved? Think again.

All our refurbished stock comes complete with:

  • Our industry-leading 15-year warranty
  • An up-to-date calibration certificate
  • The same peace of mind you get as when you buy new Cirrus equipment
  • The added value a partnership with Cirrus offers

Get 14% Off All Calibration Orders

You’ve got the best equipment, so keep it that way! Regular calibration is as important as having your car’s MOT done; it ensures the reliability of your data and checks whether your meter is capturing results that are regulation-compliant.

  • Fully traceable or UKAS-accredited calibration available
  • We calibrate all makes and models of sound and vibration level meter
  • Any repairs or adjustments necessary made wherever possible, at no extra cost
  • Extend your Cirrus warranty up to 15 years

These offers won’t last forever, so make sure you take advantage of them while you can!

Clarke Roberts

Senior Marketing Executive at Cirrus Research plc
Clarke is a Senior Marketing Executive and is responsible for helping people to find Cirrus Research's innovative noise measurement solutions by using all aspects of the marketing mix.

He particularly enjoys writing content about product applications, including noise nuisance, occupational noise and environmental noise pollution.

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