Cirrus’ Christmas Countdown Is Here!

The festive season has arrived. Christmas cheer is everywhere as children write their lists to Father Christmas, people flock to the shops and supermarkets brace themselves for one of the busiest periods of the year. With so much to look forward to, it’s obvious that Andy Williams was right: it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Here at Cirrus Research, we think one of the most exciting things about the festive season is the countdown to the big day, made even sweeter by the promise of a little treat every day as the doors on the Advent calendar are opened.

This year, we’re bringing the joy of Advent to all of our customers and followers on social media.

Every working day on the journey to Christmas, up until the 21st December, we’ll be opening a door on our Advent calendar and giving at least one lucky winner a great prize. Each winner will be chosen completely at random, so you’ll need to make sure that you keep up-to-date with our social media posts and emails to check if you’ve won!

We’ll also be running a weekly #FestiveFriday raffle for our followers on social media. You can increase your chance of winning a prize in our raffle by interacting with our #CirrusAdvent posts on social media:

  • Each like on that week’s posts will get you one entry into our Advent raffle
  • Each comment/reply on that week’s posts will get you two entries into our Advent raffle
  • Each share/retweet on that week’s posts will get you three entries into our Advent raffle
  • If you do all three on every post in that week, you’ll get 35 entries into our raffle!

You’ve got nothing to lose but lots to win!

Let’s get the festivities started and crack on with Cirrus’ Christmas Countdown!

The #FestiveFriday raffle has now closed for this year – thanks to everyone who interacted with us!

Our #FestiveFriday raffle winners:

Alison Oswald
Ian Wiltshire
Ross Valentine

Want to know who’s been behind the doors on our calendar? Check out our previous winners below!

Monday 3rd December – Triumph Motorcycles
Tuesday 4th December – OHD
Wednesday 5th December – ESS SafeForce
Thursday 6th December – Scarborough Borough Council
Friday 7th December – London Sinfonietta
Monday 10th December – Virgin Atlantic
Tuesday 11th December – Scantec Industries NV
Wednesday 12th December – Mercedes AMG
Thursday 13th December – University Hospital Southampton
Friday 14th December – Jacobs
Monday 17th December – Casper BV
Tuesday 18th December – EGS Solutions
Wednesday 19th December – AES Solutions
Thursday 20th December – Ensscom
Friday 21st December – John F Hunt



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