Cirrus Research Partners with Export Worldwide as Part of International Marketing Strategy

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Cirrus Research is excited to announce its partnership with Export Worldwide as part of our international marketing strategy.

Cirrus Research is proud to partner with Export Worldwide to make our noise measuring instruments available, worldwide. As part of Cirrus Research’s international marketing strategy, more than 50 of our products are available on the Export Worldwide platform – with more planned – in up to 20 languages.

The partnership means that Cirrus Research can serve its international customers with content in their own language, improving the buying experience. Additionally, it means that we can provide businesses worldwide with our high-quality, pioneering noise measuring equipment.

For over 45 years, Cirrus Research has been at the forefront of noise measurement instrumentation and we’re dedicated to helping our customers to improve the quality of life of those affected by excessive environmental noise and to protect themselves and their employees from the effects of occupational noise exposure.

Cirrus Research’s partnership with multilingual marketing and inbound SEO platform, Export Worldwide, makes our products more accessible to international customers in need of reliable noise measuring devices, while strengthening our brand as the recognised and trusted choice for effective noise monitoring.

Sound Level Meters and More     

Cirrus Sound Level Meters are Now Available on Export Worldwide.

Cirrus Research’s classic range of yellow, green and red sound level meters are available in multiple languages, along with the rest of our noise measuring devices and accessories. Export Worldwide allows customers to contact Cirrus Research, get a quote and request documentation about Cirrus Research products.

Content is available in most European languages including French, German, Spanish and Italian, plus several Asian and Middle Eastern languages such as Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

Cirrus Research’s products conform to all European and US regulations for worldwide use. Our partnership with Export Worldwide enables Cirrus Research to further spread the message of effective noise measurement and the importance of monitoring noise levels.

CEO of Cirrus Research, Daren Wallis, said: “The Export Worldwide team is excellent at researching keywords and writing content that easily translates across multiple languages. We continue to gain visitors and generate leads whilst the reporting tells us how all various languages and keywords are performing.

The tool itself is powerful yet simple to use and the team are always on-hand to answer any questions or provide advice on how best to maximise the platform.”

The Export Worldwide Team.

About Export Worldwide

Export Worldwide is a platform to promote your products and services to the world’s online marketplace – by marketing existing products into international markets in 20 languages.

Using multilingual, inbound international search optimisation (iSEO) – patent pending – Export Worldwide hybrid translates (a combination of machine and human translation) your existing content into 20 different languages that represent 84% of world trade.

iSEO targets the 90% of people performing internet searches in their own language first. This gets you found faster by marketing to international customers in their mother tongue language, and takes your digital marketing to the world’s stage.


The benefits of Export Worldwide and iSEO combined, include guaranteed international rankings, global website traffic, and international lead generation following a five-step strategy:

  1. Content – choose the content you want to promote internationally.
  2. Keywords – identify the keywords to use with your chosen content.
  3. Optimisation – optimise your content using our SEO guidance and hybrid translation.
  4. Translation – translate and publish your optimised content in 20 languages using our platform.
  5. iSEO – get your content appearing in search engines across the world.

Clarke Roberts

Senior Marketing Executive at Cirrus Research plc
Clarke is a Senior Marketing Executive and is responsible for helping people to find Cirrus Research's innovative noise measurement solutions by using all aspects of the marketing mix.

He particularly enjoys writing content about product applications, including noise nuisance, occupational noise and environmental noise pollution.

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