The New Environmental Noise Measurement Kits from Cirrus

CK685 Environmental Noise Measurement KitIntroducing the New Environmental Noise Measurement Kits

Cirrus is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of environmental noise measurement kits to work alongside the Optimus Green Sound Level Meters.

Manufactured in the UK and backed by over 40 years’ experience and Cirrus’ industry leading 15-year warranty, these new kits are the ideal way to undertake noise measurement in any environment.

Protecting your sound level meter and microphone capsule from adverse weather and environmental conditions, the kits provide power, security and connectivity for your Optimus Sound Level Meter under any conditions giving you accurate, informative and actionable data that allows you to stay compliant and informed, wherever you are.

Alongside these new kits, the updated Optimus Cloud is being launched which, when used with the CK:685 version, allows real-time notifications to be sent to the Notifications App. This gives you immediate information about the noise levels being measured, no matter where you or the equipment is.


  • Unattended outdoor noise measurements
  • Noise monitoring in remote areas
  • Construction site noise monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Wind Farm noise monitoring

Key Features

  • Provides protection for the sound level meter & measurement microphone from adverse conditions
  • Easy to transport & install with a secure, lockable case
  • Flexible power options using internal batteries & external power
  • 2 x CB:673 Batteries included as standard for

Additional features of the CK:685B

  • Live data connection to the Optimus Cloud for real-time alerts & notifications
  • Notifications direct to the Optimus Cloud app (iOS & Android) or via SMS, Email or Twitter
  • Download measurements remotely to the NoiseTools software
  • GPS location data stored with each measurement

Additional features provided by the Optimus Green Sound Level Meters

  • Options of Class 1 or Class 2 instruments
  • Acoustic Fingerprint triggers with markers & audio recordings
  • Notifications to the Optimus Cloud when triggers are activated
  • Level, Rate-of-change, Frequency or Tonal noise based triggers*
  • 1:1 & 1:3 Octave Bands*
  • Tonal noise detection*
  • Data logging of all parameters simultaneously
  • 4GB standard memory with 32GB option
  • Triggered audio recording with pre & post triggers

Get more from your sound level meter
When you add an environmental noise monitoring kit to your Cirrus Optimus sound level meter, you expand the range of applications and environments where you can make measurements.

24/7 Noise Measurements
Use the internal batteries or external power options to log effective, accurate noise data over long periods, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions and meet environmental noise standards worldwide.

Real-time alerts & notifications
Use the power of the Acoustic Fingerprint triggers in the Optimus Green Sound Level Meters and Optimus Cloud to send real-time alerts and notifications when pre-set noise conditions are met. Deploy the Optimus Cloud Notifications app to any device to stay in control of noise levels and ensure you stay compliant with limits and regulations.

The Optimus Cloud Notifications App is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded free of charge.

Download data, anywhere, anytime
The CK:685 kit allows measurements to be downloaded to the NoiseTools software via its internal modem as well as giving the flexibility to configure the sound level meter to meet changing demands.

Protect your investment
The robust case protects your sound level meter, acoustic calibrator and outdoor microphone from damage, ensuring your are ready to go at a moments notice with accurate, compliant noise measurement equipment.

Applications for the Environmental Noise Measurement Kits

Unattended environmental noise measurements

The environmental noise measurement kits provide weather protection for the sound level meter and the microphone, allowing for noise measurements over long periods where the equipment is unattended.
This allows effective, accurate noise measurements to be made where it’s not possible to have staff on-site with the equipment at all times.

Noise monitoring in remote locations
In many environmental noise monitoring applications, having the ability to download measurements remotely, when the equipment is located far away, can be vital.
The CK:685B variants include the remote communication option and allow for measurement data to be downloaded, the instrument configured and real-time alerts to be sent to the Optimus Cloud Notification App.

Construction site noise monitoring

For construction sites, real-time alerts when pre-set noise limits have been exceeded, or are close to being exceeded, can be an effective noise control process.
As this information can be provided in real-time, either to staff on-site or to a remote office, it can enable site managers to investigate the source of the noise and to take quick, effective actions to remedy the issue.
The Optimus Cloud Notification App provides real-time notifications and alerts, allowing for effective control of construction site noise levels.

Environmental Impact Assessments

For environmental impact assessments such as a BS4142 application, measurements when noise sources are not operating, over a weekend for example, can be critical in determining if there is significant impact when the site is in operation.
By using an environmental noise measurement kit, data can be gathered over extended periods when sites are not operating, allowing more robust assessments to be made.

Wind farm noise monitoring

Logging data over long periods before, during and after the construction of a wind farm can often be the only way to effectively judge the impact of operations and the environmental noise measurement kits can assist in this task.
The advanced triggers in the Optimus sound level meters can provide real-time alerts when overall levels or specific frequencies are exceeded as well as when tonal noise is detected.

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