Why Why Why – No Delilah?

Christmas might be a bit quieter this year for some Lancashire residents after noisy neighbours were stripped of their karaoke machine by Noise Nuisance officers.

Karaoke microphone

“The worst he had ever experienced”

Police joined the Pendal Council officers following complaints loud music and loud singing on a daily basis, and two large televisions, a DVD player, speakers and a karaoke system were seized from the house.

Following an initial complaint from neighbours, evidence was gathered and the Environmental Health Officer involved said the noise nuisance was one of the worst he had ever experienced.

A Noise Abatement Notice was served on the occupants but, when this didn’t work, the equipment was seized under the Environmental Protection Act.

Cllr David Clegg, who represents the council’s environmental health department, said: “Since they were not in when our Noise Nuisance officers visited, the police helped us get into the property. This has caused the residents of the property additional inconvenience since they had to collect new keys to their home from the police station. Hopefully they will think twice about turning up the volume again.”

An easy solution for monitoring noisy neighbours

See how the Trojan2 is keeping the peace in Wakefield

See how the Trojan2 is keeping the peace in Wakefield

No one should have to suffer noisy neighbours.

Unfortunately, 76% of households in the UK are affected by noise nuisance. We worked closely with Environmental Health Officers, local councils and housing associations to develop a solution. The Trojan2 Noise Nuisance Recorder.

The Trojan2 is tamper-proof and discreet, allowing you to accurate record, measure and analyse noise nuisance.

It’s also simple to operate with just 3-Steps to complete before any measurement. Plug In. Switch On. Calibrate. Don’t worry if you forget to press the record button, the Trojan2 will automatically start recording after 10 minutes so you don’t lose any noise nuisance data or, more crucially, time.

Watch how easy it is to use the Trojan

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