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15 Year Warranty from Cirrus Research plc

15 Year Warranty from Cirrus Research plc

For over 40 years specialist noise measurement equipment manufacturer, Cirrus Research, has been designing, manufacturing and providing ongoing support for its high quality noise measurement instruments.

Cirrus Research offers its customers a full support package for each of its products, including a newly extended 15 year warranty, continued customer support and free expert advice.

Over the past decades numerous companies have opted to lower their costs by relocating manufacturing activity overseas, however, Cirrus Research has resisted this trend and instead opted to remain loyal to Britain.

This allows Cirrus to retain control of its product’s quality and costs, as well as offer the increasingly common customer demand for after sales service.

Cirrus Research has also recently extended its two year warranty to a 15 year warranty on its noise measurement equipment at no additional cost. The reliability and strength of Cirrus

products is such that the company is providing this new extended warranty to any acoustic instrument manufactured by Cirrus Research from 1st September 2011 on-wards.

As well as designing and manufacturing superior quality products, Cirrus Research also offers its customers free expert advice that is tailored for each individual.

Whether its advice on which instrument to purchase for a particular application or how often a noise measuring instrument needs to be calibrated, Cirrus’ experts can guide their customers in the right direction.

For further information please call us on 0845 243 2434 (UK) or +44 1723 891655 (Outside of the UK).

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