Cirrus Research is now offering a 15 year warranty on its noise measurement equipment

15 Year Warranty for Cirrus Noise Measurement EquipmentCirrus Research is delighted to announce that it is now able to offer a 15 year warranty on its noise measurement equipment including its award winning Optimus Green sound level meter.

The reliability and strength of Cirrus Research products is such that the company is providing this new extended warranty to any acoustic instrument manufactured by Cirrus Research from 1st September 2011 onwards.

Under the terms of the new scheme, Cirrus Research’s standard two year warranty can now be extended by a further 13 years at no additional cost; that is provided the instrument is routinely verified by Cirrus Research every year. The warranty covers all faults on the instrument, as well as minor accidental damage, excluding the microphone.

James Tingay, Group Marketing Manager at Cirrus Research comments: “We are delighted to be able to offer a 15 year warranty on our products.  This extended warranty provides peace of mind for our customers that the equipment they purchase is reliable and will last the test of time.”

One of Cirrus Research’s products that now boasts a 15 year warranty is the Optimus Green sound level meter.  The Optimus Green was awarded a Highly Commended within the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) Product Innovation category at this year’s BSIF Safety Awards. Designed for environmental, occupational and industrial hygiene noise, Optimus Green is the third range of sound level meters in the Optimus family.

James Tingay, commenting on the development of the Optimus Green said: “Cirrus Research found that restrictions in budgets had produced a demand for an instrument that can be used for environmental, occupational and industrial hygiene noise applications whilst maintaining the simplicity and ease of use found in instruments aimed specifically at the occupational health and safety market. The Optimus Green addresses this need and demand in a manner that is both simple and efficient.”

After 40 years in business, Cirrus Research has firmly established itself as a leading expert in the world of noise monitoring, providing equipment for a variety of applications including environmental, industrial and nuisance noise. Manufactured in theUK, Cirrus noise measurement instruments are used in a wide range of applications and across many different industries, incorporating the very latest in scientific and technological developments.

For further information please call Cirrus on 0845 230 2434 (UK) or +44 1723 891655.

Further information about the Optimus Green:

 Optimus Green features:

 Some of the innovative approaches that are encapsulated in the Optimus Green are:

• Simultaneously measures the noise functions required for both occupational and environmental noise. There may be other instruments on the market that can offer this capability but they are very complicated to operate and/or expensive. The Optimus Green puts simplicity first.

• Simple and easy to use – only three buttons need to be pressed to carry out a noise measurement.

• Simultaneous measurement and data logging of all available parameters – regardless of whether the measurements are for compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, for environment impact assessments, or to be used for assessing the effectiveness of noise control measures – the Optimus Green measures them all at the same time without the user having to change functions or settings in the instrument.

• VoiceTag™ function – allowing the user to record notes and comments into the instrument before a measurement is taken. This data is then stored with the measurements and can be replayed when the data is downloaded to the PC.

• Audio recording during measurement – enabling the recording of the actual noise for later replay and analysis. This sophisticated feature makes it possible to find the audio fingerprint of the noise so its source can be pinpointed.

• Repeating measurements – these can be either started manually or by using the measurement control functions. This allows the instrument to make repeated measurements over long periods of time.

 Dr Philip Dickinson, Professor, Sound Centre at Massey University, New Zealand, comments: “It is a first class instrument and should be the prime tool of all environmental and occupational health officers – indeed all territorial officers should have this as their first port of call for noise measurements. It has all but exceeded all my expectations and I will be recommending it to all the health professionals I meet.”


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