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For over 40 years specialist noise measurement equipment manufacturer, Cirrus Research, has been designing, manufacturing and providing ongoing support for its high quality noise measurement instruments in the UK.

Over the past decades, a flurry of companies have opted to lower their costs by relocating manufacturing activity overseas, however, Cirrus Research has resisted this trend and instead opted to remain loyal to Britain.

Daren Wallis, Managing Director of Cirrus Research comments: “Manufacturing is at the heart of the UK economic recovery and initiatives such as the UK business secretary Vince Cable’s ‘Made by Britain’ highlights British manufacturing and design ingenuity. Britain was known as the design and manufacturing capital of the world and this accolade is returning to the country.  The reality is that Britain is ripe with technological innovation and home grown talent.”

In Vince Cable’s speech at the beginning of the year, he highlighted that the UK remains the world’s sixth biggest manufacturer — a fact which still surprises people when they hear it1.  Therefore the quality, variety and ingenuity of UK manufacturing is something that needs to be highlighted throughout the UK and beyond.

Based in Hunmanby, North Yorkshire, Cirrus Research has firmly established itself as a leading expert in the world of noise monitoring, providing equipment for a variety of applications including environmental, industrial and nuisance noise. Manufactured in the UK, Cirrus noise measurement instruments are used in a wide range of applications and across many different industries, incorporating the very latest in scientific and technological developments.  Daren continues: “Cirrus Research is driven by home grown talent; we continually invest in our 40 strong staff to ensure that individual’s potentials are being fulfilled.”

All of Cirrus Research’s products are manufactured in the UK and have been since the company’s inception.  Daren says: “All our products are made predominately under one roof which allows us to retain control of the product’s quality and its costs, that are ultimately passed down to our customers.  At Cirrus Research we have a strong sense of environmental responsibility and we work hard to minimise our environmental impact – by cutting out the air miles that can sometimes be involved in the manufacturing industry this certainly helps.” 

He continues: “Buying products that are designed and manufactured in the UK certainly has a number of advantages.  It is my opinion that manufacturers in the UK provide a level of reassurance that can’t be offered elsewhere because of the origin of the products and the sustainability of the manufacturing processes. 

“Additionally, it has become increasingly common for customers to demand after sales service that is run from aUKbased office – Cirrus Research provides this service and we are finding it is an increasingly important differential in the noise measurement industry.”

Daren concludes: “UK manufacturing is pivotal to returning growth to our economy and this concept is something that needs to be embraced by UK companies.  Cirrus Research is proud to be able to say that it designs, manufactures and supports its products solely in this country and will continue to for the foreseeable future.”

For further information on Cirrus Research and its products please call 0845 243 2434 or visit the website

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