Why should you have your Cirrus instrument calibrated by Cirrus? Part 2 of 6

The simple answer is that we designed and manufactured your instrument so we know it inside out.

We have all of the information, procedures and equipment needed to service and calibrate your equipment and if there’s anything wrong with it, we can fix it before it’s calibrated.

We’ve also been designing noise measurement equipment for 40 years so we have all of the experience, expertise and knowledge needed to perform the calibration.

Our modern noise measurement equipment uses very complex digital electronics which must be adjusted using the correct software and only Cirrus has this. If you send your Cirrus instrument to a third party, would they be able to adjust or repair it if it is out of calibration?

With the modern instruments such as the CR:800, the CR:260 Series and the new optimus, the answer is no. They would be able to put an Acoustic Calibrator on the instrument and make some rudimentary checks but they would not be able to calibrate the instrument to the required standards.

Calibrating the doseBadge

In the case of the doseBadge, the Cirrus noise dosemeter, the only calibration laboratories (other than Cirrus) who can correctly service and calibrate the unit are in the US, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. Calibration of the doseBadge requires specialist test equipment that is only available from Cirrus Research plc.

Fixed price calibration & servicing

Our calibration service is a fixed price. We will even include minor repairs as part of the cost.

We won’t undertake any additional chargeable work without contacting you first and providing you with a quotation so that you can see what needs to be done.

Extend your instrument warranty

Another important point is that if you have your instrument calibrated every 12 months, your warranty will be extended by a further 12 months, up to a maximum of 12 years.

All of our calibration work is traceable to UK National Standards and we can provide a UKAS accredited calibration service if required. Our sales department will be pleased to provide you with more information about these additional services.

Find out more about calibration of our noise measurement instruments and why calibration is important. You can call us on 0845 230 2434 in the UK or +44 1723 891655 from outside of the UK or you can email sales@cirrusresearch.co.uk

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