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CR:260A Series Sound Level Meters

The CR:260A Series of Sound Level Meters are suitable for a wide range of applications. From Noise at Work Risk Assessments to Vehicle Noise Testing to Environmental Noise Measurements, the CR:260A Series provides a solution.

The instruments have been designed to be extremely simple to use while meeting the latest Standards for Sound Level Meters.

CR:260A Sound Level MeterAvailable with Class 1 or Class 2 accuracy along with the options of Octave Band Filters and a Data Logging upgrade, there is an instrument to meet your noise measurement needs. Reliable, accurate and affordable, the CR:260A Series are the ideal instruments for your noise measurement applications.

Please note that the CR:260 Series has been replaced by the CR:260A Series.

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Key Features

> Simple operation with single function buttons
> Complies with the latest IEC 61672 standard as well as IEC 60651 and IEC 60804 for compliance with virtually all noise measurement regulations
> Available with Class 1 or Class 2 accuracy
> User selectable A & C Weighting for HML measurements & machinery noise testing on all versions
> Octave Band Frequency Analysis (CR:264A & CR:263A) to help in the selection of hearing protection (PPE)
> +Version upgrade adds Data Logging, the ability to download measurements to a PC and additional noise measurement functions such as L10, L90 and LAE (SEL)
> USB connection for simple downloading of data with the +Version upgrade
> CR:261S Sound Level Meter available for Vehicle Noise Testing to ISO 5130:1982 & §29 StVZO with PTB Type Approval - Please refer to the CK:261S Datasheet for further information
> 2 Year standard warranty with 10 year extended warranty giving you up to 12 years of cover


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Measurement Kits

The CR:260A series can be supplied in a measurement kits which include all of the accessories required to operate the instrument. A measurement kit is the recommended way to purchase a Sound Level Meter as it also contains a suitable Acoustic Calibrator.

All noise measurement equipment should be calibrated regularly to ensure that it is operating and measuring correctly.

The standard measurement kit includes the following components: CR:515 or CR:514 Acoustic Calibrator UA:237 Windshield (90mm) CK:250 Carrying Case Deaf Defier3 Software USB Data Cable Operating Manuals & Certificates of Calibration Batteries & Accessories

The measurement kits for the the Class 1 Sound Level Meters (CR:261A & CR:263A) are supplied with the Class 1 CR:515 Acoustic Calibrator, and the Class 2 Sound Level Meters (CR:262A and CR:264A) are supplied with the CR:514 Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator.

The CK:250 Carrying Case can also hold a microphone extension cable and protects the Sound Level Meter and Acoustic Calibrator from damage during transit and storage.

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Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits

The CR:260A Sound Level Meters are also available as part of a Safety Officer’s Noise Measurement Kit.

These kits provide a complete noise measurement solution and include a sound level meter along with a number of the Cirrus doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeters. The sound level meter can be selected from any of the CR:260A range to meet the needs of the user.

The doseBadge units can be either the standard CR:110A instruments or the Intrinsically Safe CR:110AIS units.

The unique combination of a CR:260A Series sound level meter and the doseBadge personal noise dosemeter allows almost any noise measurement situation to be covered.

Click here for more information about the Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits

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For full technical specifications, please see the product datasheet for the CR:260A Series.

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