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Acoustic Editor for Windows Software

Acoustic Editor for Windows is a post processing software program that can display and analyse Short Leq Noise Profile files. These data files are produced by a wide range of Cirrus Research plc Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitors.

The Time History display provides a plot of the entire file, with the axis automatically formatted for the optimum resolution. Any section of the graph can be enhanced by selecting the region with the cursors. The program can identify noise sources that correspond to a set of criteria or templates. The Noise Sources Can Be Identified By:

• A Selection Between the Cursors in the Main Display
• Between A User Defined Time Window
• A Template System Similar to That Provided by the CR:240 Series Noise Monitors

The program can calculate noise parameters for the sources, and can calculate the overall levels with and without the noise sources present. This information is presented in tabular form. The program can also calculate cumulative and amplitude distributions, which can include the identified noise sources. All of the graphs and tables can be printed directly using any connected printer, or copied into another program for inclusion in reports and presentations.
Acoustic Editor requires Leq data files that have been downloaded from a Cirrus Research plc Sound Level Meter using the software supplied with that instrument, or by another suitable program. Acoustic Editor for Windows itself does not provide download functions. Leq data files can contain large amounts of data and therefore sufficient hard-disk space must be available for the storage of these files. A demonstration version of the Acoustic Editor program can be downloaded here.

The data must be downloaded with the appropriate program for the instrument in use. When the noise sources have been identified, the colour of the main display can be changed to show the background noise and the sources. Many different sources can be identified and displayed.

  • Time History Graphs with Zooming and Panning
  • User Selectable Resolution
  • Identification of Noise Sources with Automatic And Manual Coding
  • Amplitude & Cumulative Distributions
  • Calculation of Occupational Noise Parameters
  • Periodic Leq and Ln Values
  • Calculate Loudest and Quietest Periods
  • Application of User Defined Statutory Periods to Provide Simple Checking Against Pre-set Noise Limits
  • Multiple Files Open with Export of Tables and Graphs for Easy Reporting

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