Cirrus Research helps The Banks Group to keep at the forefront of noise measurement

With the experience of over 35 years in land development, The Banks Group continues to develop land throughout England and Scotland for a variety of uses including surface coal mines, onshore wind farms, commercial and residential property schemes and sustainable waste management facilities.  With the aim of being one of the UK’s most successful land developers, it comes as no surprise that the organisation has a strong environmental policy in place to support the continued development of the business.

Due to the activities that The Banks Group undertakes, the business recognises that its actions have the potential to make significant changes to both the environment and local communities.  The group aims to maximise environmental benefits and minimise any adverse impacts arising from its activities.

As such, Banks produces environmental management plans (EMPs) for each of its mining, wind farm, property and waste projects and these EMPs detail how significant environmental issues, such as noise, are to be controlled.  To assess the environmental performance of individual projects, a programme of audits and monitoring is undertaken and this includes noise measurement surveys. To help with this task, Banks has purchased noise measurement instruments from Cirrus Research, a leading expert in the design and production of noise measurement instruments. Continue reading »

The construction industry is a major source of pollution,responsible for around 4% of particulate emissions, more water pollution incidents than any other industry, and thousands of noise complaints every year.

This article looks at some of the issues of noise levels in the construction industry and suggests some simple measures which can help site managers and construction companies to manage their noise levels.

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